«I should have held Spalletti back. Garcia? Maybe he should have been sacked sooner. Do I renew Kvara? Let’s talk at the end of the championship”

Almost two hours in which he tried to explain the reasons for the crisis Napoli, which slipped to seventh place in the standings in the post-championship season. Aurelio De Laurentiis gave his version of the problems that are characterizing the Azzurri. Basically there are two: not having insisted on Spalletti’s confirmation and not having sacked Rudi Garcia first.


De Laurentiis’ statements

They are Spalletti the Azzurri owner said: «I had given him a good contract, it was the same as Rafa Benitez. There was a unilateral renewal option that I exercised on April 21st after the elimination in the Champions League with Milan which disappointed me greatly. It was also a gesture to support him. Spalletti asked me for a sabbatical on May 12th at the famous dinner in Chiaia, but then accepted Gravina’s proposal. Maybe he had already received it. I probably should have insisted and asked to respect the commitment».

They are Rudi Garcia: «I didn’t have a boiled meat, but he obviously didn’t integrate. He said he didn’t know the history of the latest Napoli. I was wrong to accept Rongoni and not Sinatti who was our athletic trainer. I probably should have let him off soonerbut in hindsight it’s easy to say.”

They are Mazzarri: «He had the humility to get involved.

I asked him to copy Spalletti’s game, but this too was a mistake. Now he will have the full squad: it makes no sense for me to talk about another coach.”

On the future of the club: «By 2030 we will be on a par with the world powers. I will leave Castel Volturno within a year and a half. I will have to build a new sports center with twelve football fields and then I will think about the stadium. I spoke with the mayor: I want to close the issue within 120 days, otherwise I will go to Afragola, where the railway line will be implemented. I will make these investments, I don’t need financing. We will try to win the scudetto within three years».

They are Kvaratskhelia: «We will talk about the renewal at the end of the championship. Kvara feels comfortable here.”


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