Hugo Mallo | New images about the alleged sexual abuse of the former Celta player to the woman who served as Espanyol’s mascot

The Criminal Court number 19 of Barcelona will host the oral trial on July 11 for the alleged sexual abuse committed by Hugo Mallo to the woman who served as Espanyol’s ‘periquita’ mascot at the match on April 24, 2019, held at the Cornellà-El Prat stadium.

The events would have occurred during the usual greeting between the players of both teams. According to the complaint, made the day after the match against the Mossos d’Esquadra, “when Hugo Mallo reached the pets, he gave the parakeet his hand as is usually done, but when he reached Ms. Ana [nombre ficticio de la denunciante, que quiere conservar el anonimato]who at that time was playing the role of the parakeet, He put his hands under the costume and touched her breasts.“.

A Cornellá court accepted the player’s appeal requesting the free dismissal of the case, but months later the ninth section of the Barcelona Provincial Court upheld the appeal filed by the alleged victimwhen the judge understood that the plaintiff revealed facts that may constitute a crime of sexual abuse.

The judge argued that in the television images – rebroadcast a few days ago by Movistar – it can be seen that the greeting to the female mascot by Hugo Mallo lasts longer than the greeting to the rest of the players and the ‘budgie’, so something would have happened between the woman and the footballer.

New video

In a new video revealed by Onda Cero this Thursday, the touching could be seen, which may be key to the resolution of the process, according to judicial sources.

According to the station, sources close to the complainant say that, during the teams’ warm-up, on the stadium grass, there were already sexist comments and sexual insinuations: “Are you a parakeet or a parakeet? Do you have tits or don’t you have tits, parakeet?”

The victim’s lawyer and the Prosecutor’s Office agree in requesting a sentence of 24 months fine, which will correspond to a daily amount in line with your assets. The alleged abuse will not be judged as assault, since the Penal Code in force at the time of the incident will apply.

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