Henry Röder Dominates Central German U18/U21 Championships with Double Title Win

At the Central German U18/U21 Championships, Henry Röder/73 kg entered the race as a double starter and won both titles. He confidently prevailed in both age groups. On the way to the finals, Henry clearly prevailed. In both final fights he met his strongest opponent Thorben Pfotenhauer from PSV Eisenach. Both train and learn at the Jena sports high school and know each other inside out. The two final fights were characterized by tactical combat, but Henry always kept an overview and clearly prevailed. So he achieved the title double. In the U18, Quentin Kucharchyk/81 kg was also on the top podium. After three preliminary round victories, Quentin defeated Mikosch from the Leipzig Sportlöwen on the ground with a choke in the final. Lotte Sporbert/70 kg bought the third ticket for the “Deutsche”. After 2 wins and 1 loss, she won the coveted bronze medal. Marta Baumann/57 kg took an impressive 5th place (1 win/2 defeats). Erik Schneider (youngest year) finished seventh with 2 wins and 2 defeats and both gained valuable competition experience. Baldur Senze/55 kg gave everything, but was eliminated early after two defeats. Jonas Drabow/90 kg also made it to the final in the u21 category. After an opening win, Jonas eliminated Schweiger from the Delitzscher Sportfüchsen in the semi-finals. The final fight was even and completely open. After a tricky move, Jonas was completely countered. Great performance with 2nd place. Carl Then/60 started as usual, implemented his line and clearly won both preliminary fights. In the semi-finals he met the strong Emmerling from Halle. On the ground, Carl was inattentive for a moment and got caught in a hold. Despite the greatest resistance, there was no escape. In the fight for third place, Carl won against Wurlitzer/Weixdorf on the ground with a choke. Max Flachowsky/81 kg also fought hard. It started with an opening defeat against Kressin/JC Leipzig. In the consolation round he won his next two fights with ippon. In the fight for place, Max pushed his opponent Agumawa/Rodewisch onto the “boards” with Harai-Goshi and thus got the DEM ticket. Rabea Schmidt/70 kg lost her opening fight, then defeated Fischer/Dresden in the consolation round with a remarkable O-Goshi and then failed in the 3rd fight against Kittel/Holzhausen, thus taking 7th place. Congratulations to all medal winners and runners-up and optimal preparation for the German Championships (U18 2/3/3/24 Leipzig and U21/9/10/3/24 in Frankfurt/O.). Lothar Gwosdz/18.2.24

2024-02-19 17:34:00
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