Hawks Triumph Over Warriors Despite Stephen Curry’s 60-Point Game

Atlanta suffered the wrath of Stephen Curry, author of 60 points against the Hawks on Saturday in the NBA.

But Clint Capela and his teammates found a way to get through it against the Warriors to win 141-134 after overtime.

This victory is the fourth in a row for the Hawks, the second in the space of 24 hours after that celebrated against Phoenix (129-120). Still 10th in the East, Atlanta played the fifth of a series of six consecutive home matches on Saturday, before hosting the LA Clippers on Monday evening.

The Hawks, who equaled their longest winning streak of the season, could not do anything to counter Stephen Curry. The Warriors All Star guard became the second player over the age of 35 to score 60 points or more in the NBA, after Kobe Bryant. He notably made 10 of his 23 3-point shots.

Curry scored 8 of his 60 points in overtime. But his team collapsed at the start of this extra period, conceding 11 points without scoring a single one. The Hawks were then able to count on Dejounte Murray, who scored 7 of his 19 points during this partial, to make the difference.

The man of the match for the Hawks was nevertheless Trae Young (35 points, 6 assists). Author of 17 points and 15 rebounds, Clint Capela secured his fourth consecutive double-double in the first half. But the Geneva pivot also saw his competitor for a place in the base five Onyeka Okongwu pull out all the stops with 22 points and 16 rebounds.


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