Giants Manager Abe Focused on Spreading ‘Abe Baseball’ in Upcoming Season

Giants Director Abe
Photo By Sponichi

Giants manager Abe will be heading into this season’s first exhibition game against Hanshin on the 23rd with no regard for the outcome. The opening game on March 29th will be against their archrival, but he says, “Winning or losing is fine. I think we’ll make requests again, so I want you to focus on that,” with the theme of spreading “Abe Baseball.”

In his first overseas game against South Korea’s Samsung on the 18th, in addition to advance hits and sacrifice hits, he made a variety of signs, including a safety bunt from third base with two outs and an end run from a runner on third base. The aim is to make the opponent, who lost significantly last season with 6 wins, 18 losses and 1 draw, think that they will try something. He said, “I’m going to think hard about what I’m going to do to score points, and I’m going to give signs while watching the flow of the game.” (Takehiro Kawashima)

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2024-02-20 23:30:42
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