From Joselu to ‘Comandante’ Morales, the resurgence of the disruptors who surpass the scoring average of the starters

Revulsive: “That causes a sudden reactiongenerally with beneficial effects.” Applied to all life circumstances and, of course, to football, and this year more than ever, to LaLiga. Season after season, teams find themselves immersed in a even more insane calendar than in the previous one, between national team breaks and competitions with their clubs.

The days go by and the minutes weigh on the backs and, above all, on the legs of the footballers. It is then that the coaches deploy from their benches a primary role in ‘a priori’ secondary players who jump onto the field to give the game a 180 degree turn and that seek to create that sudden reaction that serves as a unblocker when gunpowder is scarce in the field. The worst or best of all is that These shock absorbers exceed the average of their main competitors. But, still, they are substitutes.

And not only that, they also have what is probably the most appreciated but expensive quality in a footballer: versatility, being able to adapt to any position, in a few minutes and, of course, effectively in front of goal. The end made ‘9’ and vice versa. An equation that footballers like Joselu, Abdón Prats, Morales, Memphis, Álex Berenguer or Vitor Roque.

Joselu and Memphis, the superheroes of the capital

The forward of the Real Madrid He landed in Valdebebas being aware of the secondary role he would have to face in the team. Carlo Ancelotti. With the pressure of the anguish waiting for Mbappé and the departure of Benzema, the former Espanyol He arrived ready to show why last year he was the third top scorer in LaLiga, only behind Karim y Lewandowski. Thus, the former white youth player has made it clear that not only minor places shine, since accumulates 12 goals in 1,445 minutes. To value these numbers, they are an average of 0.74 goals every 90 minutesfar above indisputable as Rodrygowith the same goals and 2,400 minutes (0.45 every 90 minutes).

And it is not only important because it improves the average of its competitors, but also because of how decisive its goals have been. For that he came off the bench to tie the 2-1 in the derby of Cup round of 16 at the Metropolitano. From there to Championsbecause he also knows how to deliver in European events, making the comeback (2-3) before him Union Berlin or scoring in the 94th against the Naples in it Bernabeu, who took distance after 3-2. Not without merit, Joselu does not believe in his primary role even as a starter. He was evident in the Coliseum in front of the Getafe. A goal was what he needed to get his first ‘hat-trick’ with the white club when, alone against David Soria, he preferred to assist Vinicius, who missed against the blue goalkeeper. As if that were not enough, the striker, a Real Madrid fan by birth and a self-critic by birth, born from that regenerative process from which they emerged Nacho, Carvajal y Lucas Vazquez, He does not hesitate to apologize to the Bernabéu stands when he scores after a previous error. You couldn’t ask for more.

Joselu Mato, Real Madrid player. / Kiko Huesca

A few kilometers away, in the west of the capital, Memphis Depay has once again given oxygen to his scoring records, after a few months in a coma. The Dutchman started the season scoring two goals in his first three games, but in September he suffered a muscle injury that kept him off the pitch. However, as a shock that it is, Memphis has become the spark that lights the flame when Atlético is reduced to ashes. Seven goals in 702 minutes, five of them in the last seven games, leading to an average of almost one goal (0.9) every 90 minutes. And all thanks to that resurrection that the player experienced in the Cup, with a double against Lugo and another against Sevilla that cemented a consolidated reconstruction in LaLiga. Thus, the Dutchman exceeds the average Álvaro Moratawhich accumulates 19 goals in 2,177 minutes (0.7 every 90 minutes)

Vitor Roque, the culé roar

There is no better way to explain why he was baptized in Brazil ‘Tigrinho’ that by scoring his first goals with Barça and that these serve to add three points, precisely after landing in a team that is shipwrecked in a sea of ​​tears. Already in his debut in the Gran Canaria Stadium He entered with 12 minutes remaining and came close to scoring his first goal after a pass from Joao Felix. Two weeks later, after the announcement of the resignation of Xavi, Victor Roque He stole the role of revulsive from his coach, coming on from the bench against health and uneventing another dull game for the Catalans, which ended with the Catalans 1-0.

Vitor Roque, new player of FC Barcelona. / Enric Fontcuberta

I already made friends with the goal, it was time to attack Mendizorroza and try to blow up another brief game that ended with a 1-1 draw at halftime. 18 years, 10 minutes and the desire to give his all is the only thing that was missing from a Barça team in which some find it difficult to understand that Fermin, Lamine Yamal y Victor Roque are the only ones capable of returning the smile to the stands in a match in which the Brazilian scored his first double in the FC Barcelona, to reaffirm that the leadership and energy of Xavi’s ‘kids’ are the only ones that, today, revive the matches in Montjuïc. There are already two goals in 127 minutes. More than one goal every 90 minutescompared to 0.38 in Joao Félix0.53 of Lewandowski or 0.36 of Raphinha.

Berenguer ‘commands’ in the purest Morales style

When Iñaki Williams He went to the Africa Cup with Ghanahis brother Nico, Sancet y Guruzeta They said goodbye to their faithful ally of proven hierarchy. In the second row, he appeared Alex Berenguerrelegated to the background since the emergence of Nico Williams, who became the hero of basque derby, scoring the two goals that decided the match in San Mamés. He had already shown at the beginning of January in the Cup that his scoring instinct had not dissipated on the bench, scoring another double in 24 minutes against Eldense in a match in which the Alicante team wanted to make a splash, but ran into the robustness of the revulsive rojiblanco, already accustomed to scoring two by two.

His last great work was last Wednesday’s game in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-finals in it Metropolitan, in which he scored a goal from a penalty and made Nico’s absence forgotten. The player proved to be a reliable substitute for any of the Williams, on the left, on the right and even ‘9’ if Guruzeta got lost. The average of Berenguer throws five goals in 1,059 minutes. Or, what is the same, 0.42 points every 90 minutes. Two tenths below, the 0.34 of Iñaki Williamswho has a record of nine goals in 1,904 minutes.

Athletic Club forward Álex Berenguer. / Kiko Huesca

Like his compatriot Joselu he said goodbye to Espanyol, Morales He did the same a year before with Levante. Buried on the bench during the first months of the season, The Villarreal striker transformed after Marcelino’s forced landing. ‘El Comandante’ has accumulated nine goals this season season. Morales has shot 19 times in the league championship, where he has scored on six occasions, generating a average of 0.32 goals for each shot.

The ‘9’ of the yellow submarine has nothing to envy of his starting teammates, as he scores almost a goal every 90 minutes, while Gerard Moreno It has an average of 0.64 per game. Hat-trick ante Osasunacomeback goal against Barça in the discount or before the Sevilla after the initial 1-0 rojiblanco. Everything summed up in three words: speed, precision and a lot of composure to always answer the call for the goal.

Abdón Prats, the king of cups

He arrived Mallorca to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey flirting with relegation against a Girona that was also flirting with the leadership. Fan of the Balearic team since he was little, Abdon Prats He got his team into the Cup semifinals after a double that, as he acknowledged in the preview, “he had always dreamed of.” Thus, the forward has one of the best socks this seasonwith 11 goals in just 1,344 minutesan average of 0.7 goals every 90 minutes.

Abdón Prats, Mallorca forward / Europa Press

Con Muriqi absent due to injury in the last eight games between the League and the Cup, Abdón Prats has become the team’s top scorer with nine goals, five in the league and four in the Cupdespite being a substitute in LaLigasince he has only started eight games.

With everything and with that, it is most likely that, except in cases of injury to their main competitors, the six will be substitutes in the next games in their teams, giving the spotlight to their teammates. They will not take the field in the starting eleven, but they will do so with the medal hanging from Superheros And what is more important, with a better average than the undisputed headlines. Eternal substitutes, monopolizers of the so-called garbage minutes, but if you know how to take advantage, they can be converted into minutes of glory. Let them tell you.

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