Former Ligue 1 Defenders Shine at Arsenal: The Rise of William Saliba and Gabriel

Former Ligue 1 players are popular at Arsenal, particularly William Saliba and Gabriel. Authors of another remarkable season with the Gunners, the former Marseillais and Lille players have established themselves among the best defenders in the Premier League in recent months. To the delight of Declan Rice, who said he was impressed by the level of his two teammates.

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«Saliba is truly amazinglaunched the England international after Arsenal’s big victory against Newcastle yesterday (4-1). Obviously, I had heard a lot about him before coming here to Arsenal. But the one who really surprised me was actually Gabriel. He’s so aggressive, so strong, he’s always hungry and never loses a duel. Top !”

Pub. 02/25/2024 11:53 p.m. Updated 02/26/2024 02:18

2024-02-25 22:53:30
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