Former Dallas Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson to Take Former Employer to Court in December 2024 Over Harassment Allegations

Former Dallas Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson will take his former employer to court at the end of the year. The 61-year-old filed charges against the Texans in March 2022.

According to ESPN A court date was set for December 10, 2024. Nelson was fired by the Mavs in June 2021 because he accused Mark Cuban’s right-hand man Jason Lutin of molesting Nelson’s nephew in a hotel room during the 2020 All-Star Weekend in Chicago, according to court documents.

Shortly before his dismissal, Nelson Cuban addressed his nephew’s allegations. According to Nelson, the franchise resolved the matter “quickly and quietly” and “swept the nephew’s allegations under the table.”

Dallas Mavericks deny allegations

The Mavs deny the allegations and said Nelson was fired due to, among other things, his poor performance as GM.

Additionally, the Mavs said they not only reported the harassment allegations to the NBA, but also hired a firm to conduct an investigation.

In March 2023, Dallas also announced that the matter had been resolved “satisfactorily” for Nelson’s nephew.

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