Football: towards a progressive sound system for French referees?

In recent weeks, numerous controversies have erupted after refereeing or VAR decisions during L1 matches. But there should be some progress in the coming months.

According to information from The Team, Anthony Gautier, the technical director of refereeing, announced on January 15 that Fifa had authorized France to experiment with sound systems for referees. But in a very precise mode, close to that implemented during the Under-20 World Cup in Argentina (May 20-June 11, 2023). During this competition, a sound system allowed the referees to speak directly to explain their choices to the teams and the public after consulting the VAR.

Tests in May on the D1 Arkema playoffs

The first tests should therefore be carried out during the D1 Arkema playoffs in May.

“Yes, Fifa has given authorization to experiment with this practice to several countries, including France,” Eric Borghini, the president of the federal referees commission, confirmed to the sports daily. The microphones would only be connected for the most contentious actions, when the referee reviews them. For our part, we are in favor of a permanent sound system. But Fifa is moving forward step by step (…) before expanding to other events. » Regarding L1, this system could see the light of day next season.


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