FCBB Captain Vladimir Lucic Preparing for First Final, Warns About Semi-Final Opponents Bamberg, and Reflects on Cup Competition History

“All cup games are dangerous, that’s one do-or-die and you don’t know how the other team performs,” says FCBB captain Vladimir Lucic. “This is a first final on Saturday that we are preparing for” and assured that the former series champion will not be underestimated. At the same time, the Serb makes it clear: “Defending the title is always harder than winning it for the first time.”

Laso warns about semi-final opponents Bamberg

However, world champion Isaac Bonga leaves no doubt about his team’s goal: “The thing we have in common when we come here to FC Bayern Munich is that we want to win. Go into every day with that mentality. That’s the most important thing for us and part of the FC Bayern brand.”

Bayern have already met Bamberg eight times in the cup competition, with the Franconians winning three times, including the one in the 2017 final. For six years, however, the winner in the duel between the two clubs has only been Munich: Munich have won 14 games in a row can. The game in Westpark last season alone shows that no hasty conclusions should be drawn from this, when they only won 73:72 thanks to a game winner from Lucic two seconds before the end. The meeting a month ago in BMW Park was a little clearer, when they won 91:69 ​​(Francisco 17 points).

Woltmann new coach

The guests are currently in twelfth place in the league, three wins behind the play-in places. Above all, Bamberg lacks consistency: they recently won clearly against Heidelberg and Weißenfels, but lost against Braunschweig and very clearly in Würzburg. The defeat in the Frankenderby was momentous because coach Oren Amiel was replaced by previous assistant Arne Woltmann.

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