FC Bayern, Leon Goretzka: “Like a horror film that doesn’t stop”

Sports crisis at FC Bayern

“Like a horror movie that doesn’t stop”

Status: 18.02.2024 | Reading time: 2 minutes

Eight points behind Leverkusen, the third defeat in a row: FC Bayern is deep in crisis. Leon Goretzka finds more worrying words after the next drama. The voices for the game.

While Herbert Grönemeyer’s club anthem “Bochum” was playing in the background, Kevin Stöger found the right words for Bayern’s third defeat in a row on the sidelines. “The whole of Bochum is proud of this achievement. And I think this victory is not undeserved,” said the VfL playmaker minutes after the little sensation in his own stadium.

Just before, he and his colleagues had celebrated the 3:2 (2:1) victory over the big favorites in front of the ecstatic fans – and the following analysis was not only completely correct, but also a painful description of the current situation at the German industry leader . A record football champion who deservedly suffered a defeat in a relegation candidate.

Eight points behind Bayer

With the third defeat in a row after the crushing 0:3 in Leverkusen and the 0:1 on Wednesday in the Champions League at Lazio Rome, the crisis worsened dramatically on Sunday evening. In the league, Bayern are now eight points behind league leaders Bayer 04 Leverkusen – the championship has at least been made a small preliminary decision. Even if the controversial Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel saw it differently after the final whistle: “Last season we believed in it until the end and were rewarded. That’s why we will continue to do so. The prerequisite, of course, is that we find out now.”

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Other Bayern protagonists found themselves after goals from Takuma Asano (38th), Keven Schlotterbeck (44th) and Kevin Stöger (78th, penalty kick) for VfL as well as Jamal Musiala (14th) and Harry Kane (87th) for the Münchener, on the other hand, had much more worrying words: “It just feels like a horror film that doesn’t stop. Everything is going against us at the moment,” said Leon Goretzka afterwards. “I could stand up and say that we started the game well. “But now you feel stupid,” said the national player in Bayern’s service.

Two helpless people: Leon Goretzka (r.) and Thomas Müller

Source: dpa

In the end, his team tried everything after Dayot Upamecano (yellow-red, 77th) was sent off, so you couldn’t blame anyone. But nothing more than the first goal came out of it. “At the end of the day, the mistakes we make are individual. And just too many of them in the last few weeks,” says Goretzka. “It feels incredibly strange that everything is going against us right now. At the moment we have to question everything.”


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