FC Barcelona’s Financial Struggles: A Look at Salary Limits and Pending Payments

Carles Molins 02/21/2024 Act. at 17:43 CET

The League announced the updated club salary limits after the winter market. Barça’s currently stands at 204M (previously 270M), and, according to UEFA staff spending numbers, the club exceeds it by 300 million, being the second in Europe with the highest wage bill (505M) after PSG. That the culés continue to have those numbers is explained by the deferral of payment for many contracts during the pandemicas reported by Adrià Soldevila in the ‘Cadena SER’.

The precarious economic situation due to the pandemic, which hit FC Barcelona hard, forced the club to delay some payments to players, payments that continue to this day. It is the case of Messi, Jordi Alba, Busquetsor also of Frenkie de Jong, current player in the squad, among others. Also Nikola Mirotic appears in the photo.

That is why payments to former players are still included in the club’s salary bill, and despite the departure of these and many other players with high salaries, Barça continues to be drowned in this issue.

Barça continues to walk a tightrope with the issue of the League’s salary limit. This mechanism, which is calculated through a balance of income minus budgeted non-sporting expenses, lowered the Barça club from 656M to 270M in 2023 after the effect of the levers. Barça is the third team with the most limits, following Real Madrid (727M) and Atlético de Madrid (303M).

The club awaits payment from Libero Football Finance

In addition to the salary problems that it has been dealing with for years, Barça is awaiting collect the purchase of 49% of Barça Studios by the German fund Libero Football Finance. The collection of this debt, as well as compliance with this year’s budget, would allow Barça to return to the 1/1 rule when signing. Currently follows the normative 1/2which forces him to release double what he spends on salary and amortization of the signing.

If they do not collect it, apart from having problems signing, the club would have to sell players in addition to trying to get new income from sponsorships or television rights, as Barça economist and numbers expert Ivan Cabeza explained in ‘Què t’hi Jugues?’ of the ‘SER Chain’.

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