Escape to permanence

Basketball Girona has the opportunity to do tonight a Andorra an escape towards permanence or, on the contrary, to prolong the sadness, with the addition that there will now be two weeks ahead without ACB. The arrival of Fotis Katsikaris has begun to straighten the course that had been lost with the seven defeats in a row that ended with Salva Camps, but there is still nothing done here. against him Granadain the debut of the new coach, the Girona he left and last week a Madrid was competed Today, however, that will not be enough. Against direct rivals adding is essential.

The pivot will not play yet Khem Birchthe latest addition to the Gironabecause Katsikaris he thinks that a couple of trainings is not enough and more coming as the Canadian comes from a few months without competing. Brae Ivey won’t be there either. Within the process of recomposition that the team is undergoing (and that in the coming days it may continue with some other exit to facilitate another high) the american escortwho has gone unnoticed in the four games he has played, it’s already history after terminating his contract yesterday.

Fotis Katsikaris he said yesterday that the team still needs time to reach the level he would like and in this he wants to take advantage of the stoppage that will come from tomorrow. Girona will not resume the competition until March 3, in Fontajau, against another direct rival, l’Obradoiro. It will be days to finish “define» the squad that will compete until the end of the year and continue the progression, and it would be wonderful to be able to face it all with one more victory. Katsikaris he was satisfied with the work of the team in these first two weeks in Fontajau and argued about the arrival of Birch that “he will need his time because he has been out of competition and we will take advantage of the stoppage for him to learn the systems and take pace of play It is impossible that with two training sessions we can count on him”.

Of the new signing he also pointed out that “He is a very good player on both sides of the court. A player who can protect the basket and can do a lot of things on defense because he is very explosive, strong and athletic and on offense he has greatly improved his three-point shooting in his time in the NBA. It can be a threat to open the field».

The coach of Girona praised Jean Montero o Jerrick Hardingtwo of Andorra’s best players. “They are double-edged swords and you need to do a good collective job to defend well. But not just the two of them. It is a very complete team with a very fast style of play that scores a lot in transition», he emphasized. Katsikaris is convinced they can do it “the best possible match” and that the team will have patience to find at every moment “the perfect shot”.

Andorra has sold out tickets for the match. Girona, however, will not be alone because one hundred Girona fans they have already confirmed their presence in the stands.

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