“EFKA: The Fastest Girl in the Universe” – The Inspiring Journey of Olympic Snowboarder Eva Adamczyková

Exactly ten years ago, a girl with a painted mustache made a name for herself in the memory of sports fans when she swept away the competition on the snowboard cross course of the Sochi Olympic Games and went on to win the gold. Eva Adamczyková is now coming out with a moving film documentary where she remembers her deceased parents and the moments when she was recovering from the most serious injury of her career.


Trailer for the film documentary Efka | Video: Red Bull Comms

The almost hour-long documentary called EFKA – The Fastest Girl in the Universe offers a unique insight into the career of the gold-winning Olympic snowboard crosser from Sochi.

It begins when Adamczyková misses the Olympic Games in Beijing due to a fracture of both ankles. That is, at a time when she herself doubted that she would stand on the board again, let alone that she would continue racing.

“Actually, the first day of filming was the day they took the screws out of my legs. The injury was not planned at all, but I think it added an interesting line to the documentary,” laughs Samková.

The documentary was directed by Markus Krug and captured not only the story of her dramatic return to the snowboard cross track, but also her childhood and her relationship with her parents, who both died of cancer.

“I really like the video when my mom scolds me for eating snow if I want to get jaundice and I answer her that I want to get jaundice. I quite enjoy it, it’s a demonstration of my defiance. I think that as a child I was very cheeky and tongue-in-cheek at parents,” recalls one of the moving moments of the documentary.

Her father, who died a month before her Olympic gold defense in Pyeongchang, was a great role model for her.

“For me, a powerful moment is the shot when I film my sister and father singing the song Kozel. It is very powerful because I remember it. We sang a lot at home,” Adamczyková recalls.

In the documentary, viewers will learn what led the Olympic champion to one of the most dangerous snow sports. If she even knew how to board when she arrived at her first training session, which personality she remembers the most, how challenging it is to deal with the high expectations of those around her, and how much effort and pain it takes to rehabilitate after a serious injury.

“There’s nothing I don’t really want. There are personal things, but I didn’t mind and I thought it fit. I think it’s also because the director Markus Krug got it right. He spent a long time with us and understood both me and my team. He handled it nicely and correctly for me,” she praised the director.

The documentary premiered on Thursday evening at the Archa Theater in the presence of the snowboarder herself, her team, family and a number of celebrity friends. Viewers can see it on the platform from Friday.

Interview with Eva Adamczyková after the festive premiere:


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