Dominican Republic Claims Victory Over Panama in 2024 Caribbean Series

18:204 hours ago

End of the game

The match ends, thank you for joining us in the broadcast of the Dominican Republic 4-1 Panama match, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.

18:194 hours ago

9th Low

Panama does not score runs and ends the game with victory for the Dominican Republic.

18:065 hours ago

9° Alta

Three and out for the Dominicans who will have to defend with everything to avoid a flip in Panama’s last offensive.

18:005 hours ago

8° Baja

Panama does not make any more innings and only has one more offensive left to try to win.

17:515 hours ago

8° Baja

CAREER! Simple by Herrera that Cordoba takes advantage of to score Panama’s first.

17:425 hours ago

8° Alta

Three and out for the Dominican Republic, which is two defensive innings away from making it to the next round.

17:345 hours ago

7° Baja

Panama does not respond and seems erased in the game, there are two more offensives left and the team is blank.

17:255 hours ago

7° Alta

Both teams still fail to move the scoreboard and the Dominicans leave without runs.

17:175 hours ago

6° Baja

Very little of Panama’s offense that fails to get into the game and begins to run out of options.

17:056 hours ago

6° Alta

The Dominican Republic’s offensive ends and they move further and further away in search of victory.

16:586 hours ago

6° Alta

CAREER! R. Hernández manages to score after Gutierrez’s sacrifice hit.

16:506 hours ago

5° Baja

The Panamanians cannot turn the pressure into races and remain at zero.

16:346 hours ago

5° Alta

The pace of the game drops, the Dominican Republic does not score runs for consecutive innings and the score remains the same.

16:236 hours ago

4° Baja

Panama passes unnoticed and fails to get into the game.

16:186 hours ago

4° Alta

Three and nothing from the Dominicans and the game remains the same score.

16:087 hours ago

3° Baja

Very little of Panama that does not get hits and goes to zero. The advantage is still 3 runs for the Dominicans.

16:017 hours ago

3° Alta

He finishes the round in the Dominican Republic and scores a couple of runs to increase the lead.

15:597 hours ago

3° Alta

CAREER! R. Hernández with a sacrifice hit for Bonifacio to score the third.

15:577 hours ago

3° Alta

Bases full for the Dominican Republic that wants more runs.

15:507 hours ago

3° Alta

CAREER! Bonafacio singles to left field and allows Lake to score for the Dominicans’ second.

15:407 hours ago

2° Baja

Panama achieves a couple of hits but leaves without being able to move the scoreboard.

15:28 7 hours ago

2° Alta

Three and out for the Dominican Republic, which fails to move the scoreboard and leaves quickly.

15:207 hours ago

1° Baja

Round without a hit or hits for the Panamanians who fail to get on base and are still down on the scoreboard.

15:137 hours ago

1° Alta

A single hit by the Dominicans but they managed to move the scoreboard and take the lead.

15:107 hours ago

1° Alta

CAREER! Dominican Republic opens the scoring with a single by Lugo so Gustavo Nuñez gets the first run.

15:058 hours ago

¡Play Ball!

The match starts.

15:018 hours ago

About to start

We are just a few minutes away from the start of the presentation of the match and the previous protocols of the Caribbean Series.

14:568 hours ago

Dominican Republic lineup!

14:518 hours ago

Panama lineup!

14:468 hours ago


Michael Salazar is the umpire designated for the game between the Dominican Republic and Panama, corresponding to this game of the 2024 Caribbean Series.

14:418 hours ago

Panama has arrived!

Those from Panama are already in the vicinity of LoanDepot Park for today’s game:

14:368 hours ago

Dominican Republic appears!

The Dominican Republic team arrived at the stadium for this afternoon’s game:

14:318 hours ago

Last duel!

The last time the Dominican Republic and Panama met was in the 2023 Caribbean Series when Panama won by a score of 2 to 1.

14:268 hours ago

Dear to dear

14:218 hours ago

Let’s start!

We are just under an hour before the match between Panama and the Dominican Republic begins at LoanDepot Park. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will achieve it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.

14:168 hours ago

Don’t leave here to follow Panama vs Dominican Republic live from the 2024 Caribbean Series!

14:118 hours ago

Where and how to watch Panama vs Dominican Republic online and live from the 2024 Caribbean Series?

14:069 hours ago

Panama’s last lineup!

These are the Federales players who lined up in the last game: e. Muñoz, A. Córdoba, I. Herrera, C. Bethancourt, R. Tejada, J. Camargo, J. Santos, J-Wright and J. González.

14:019 hours ago

Joshwan Wright, player to follow!

The Panamanian second baseman of the Chiriquí Federales is one of the top figures in Panama baseball and is one of the current leaders of the team’s offense. He arrives after having had a good season in his country and finishing as one of the best players in the finals and winning the title. He will seek to take advantage of this opportunity to be seen by different teams in search of their next adventure in another Caribbean league. Without a doubt, the player’s connection with Ernesto Silva will be essential for Panama to meet its stated objectives.

13:569 hours ago

How does Panama arrive?

Panama is participating in this edition of the Caribbean Series in which it will be represented by the Federales de Chiriquí and where it will seek to continue showing the good level of its players. The Federales arrive after achieving their second title in the Panama Professional Baseball League. The team is made up mostly of the squad of the Federal champions of Chiquirí but also with outstanding players from the rest of the teams. The representative of Panama has a squad with great players such as Bryan Herrera, Joaquín Acuña, Omar Mendoza, Alay Lago, Elian Miranda, Melvin Novoa, Jesus Garrido and Yoanner Negrin. The Panamanians have a great squad with experience in several Caribbean leagues and will try to become among the best and seek their first Caribbean title. They will have a difficult closing schedule against Curacao and the Dominican Republic where they do not start as favorites and will have to close strong in search of victories to begin heading towards the elimination phase in search of the championship.

13:519 hours ago

Dominican Republic’s latest lineup!

These are the Tigres players who lined up in the last game: Raúl Valdes, Emilio Bonifacio, Gustavo Núñez, Robinson Canó, Ramón Hernández, Wester Rivas, Yadiel Hernández, Junior Lake and Dawel Lugo.

13:469 hours ago

Dawel Lugo, player to follow!

The right third baseman of the Tigres is one of the top figures of the Santo Domingo team and comes from being one of the best relievers in both leagues in the Dominican Republic, being champion with the Licey team and runner-up with Algodoneros in Mexico. The Tigers star is back on the diamond and is taking advantage of the team’s momentum to be among the best in the Caribbean Series and one of the players to watch during the championship. Without a doubt, the pitcher’s connection with Raúl Valdes is bringing fruit to a team that could be one of the most interesting of this campaign.

13:419 hours ago

How does the Dominican Republic arrive?

The representative of the Dominican Republic is presented after winning the title of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic, the Tigres del Licey are the base team that will represent the Dominican Republic in the 2024 Caribbean Series. Already with its 24th title, the The Santo Domingo team was reinforced with great players from the league to present an important roster that will seek to lift the Caribbean title. For this tournament, the great nucleus of the Tigres was maintained and the team was reinforced with great players, achieving an important squad among which Isaac Paredes, Manny Barreda, Elkin Alcalá, Aaron Alther, Juan Carlos Gamboa, Roberto Valenzuela, Alexis Wilson and Julián stand out. Lion. The Dominican Republic is one of the big favorites and will seek to close in good shape in the Caribbean Series to quickly secure a place in the elimination phase. The objective of the Dominicans is to get among the best and qualify again for the fight for the 2024 Caribbean Series title.

13:369 hours ago

Where is the game?

13:319 hours ago


Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the match broadcast Panama vs Dominican Republiccorresponding to the 2024 Caribbean Series. The match will take place at the LoanDepot Park, at 7 p.m.

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