Does the VAR harm Real Madrid or do the referees favor it?: The data of the discord

Real Madrid and the referees. The referees and Real Madrid. The never-ending story, spiced up a few months ago by the controversial audiovisual reports of Real Madrid TV pointing out some of the LaLiga referees for their alleged errors against white interests in different games. Also increased, of course, by the outbreak of Negreira case and payments from FC Barcelona for at least 17 years to the person who was vice president of the referees. And, here, the question that divides Spain like (almost) no other. Do the referees harm or help Real Madrid?

There is an irrefutable fact regarding this eternal controversy, almost as old as football in Spain. As the data journalist from ‘Relevo’ revealed in his X account Fran Martinezthe real Madrid leads the statistics of VAR interventions contrary to their interests since this tool was implemented in LaLiga, in the 2018-19 season.

The annulment of Lucas Vázquez’s goal this Sunday against Sevilla, after confirming Díaz de Mera Escuderos on the monitor a previous lack of Nacho about En-Nesyriwhich he warned him about Gonzalez Fuertes from the VOR room, he made history. It was the 60th intervention by the VAR to correct a decision made by the referee for the benefit of Real Madrid. And it was also the 25th goal scored by Real Madrid that was annulled after going through the VAR review.

In favor or oppossing?

And, at this point, there is a double interpretation, subject to each person’s taste or criteria. Real Madrid may well think that these data They reinforce their thesis that the referee group harms them through the VAR. In fact, one of the most prominent protagonists of the famous videos of him, denounced precisely by Sevilla before the Competition Committee this Saturday, is Carlos Clos Gómezthe person in charge of the VAR project of the Technical Committee of Referees.


On the contrary, these data also serve to support the thesis that the field referees favor Real Madrid, Whether due to the obvious pressure of refereeing the team with the most media and social support in the competition or for whatever spurious reason you want to imagine. Because it can well be interpreted that if the VAR has broken a record of unfavorable corrections towards the white club, it is because the on-field referees have made mistakes in their favor more than with any other team.

Choose your own story. Or neither of the two. Real Madrid and the referees. The referees and Real Madrid. The story that will never end.

2024-02-26 10:28:35
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