Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery Announce Collaboration for New Sports Joint Venture

Streaming is one of the dominant media areas and many providers are also trying out live sports there. But the offering here is fragmented and anything but complete. That’s why the media giants Disney, Fox and Warner Bros Discovery are joining forces.

Most important sports under one roof

National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), college sports and the FIFA World Cup: All of these sports will be available to watch on a single service in the USA – at least in part, because the US sports rights business is sometimes extremely confusing.

The media giants Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery have announced that they are establishing a sports joint venture. As the Reuters news agency reports, the aim is to attract primarily younger viewers and subscribers from next autumn.

Cable and streaming

Specifically, the current offers ESPN, TNT and FS1 are to be bundled in the as yet unnamed service. The new sports package should offer classic television on the one hand and streaming on the other. Here, the companies also want to create interesting offers and provide the new sports channel in a package with Disney+, Hulu or Max. The background to this collaboration is that numbers in the cable television business have been declining sharply for years. With the new sports offering, the media giants intend to counteract this trend. Live sports are still one of the most popular areas on cable, but the rights here are correspondingly expensive.

By collaborating, the companies also want to share these costs or create additional sources of income. However, the previously mentioned sports platforms such as ESPN are not intended to be replaced, but rather to complement them. How exactly we want to ensure that the new channel or the upcoming package does not cannibalize the previous services and what it will cost is not yet known. These and other details must be submitted later.


  • Disney, Fox and Warner form sports joint venture
  • NFL, NBA, MLB and more sports on one service
  • The aim is to attract a younger audience from autumn onwards
  • ESPN, TNT and FS1 will be combined in the new service
  • Combination of classic TV and streaming planned
  • The decline in cable television should be counteracted
  • Costs and impact on existing services unclear

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