DFL investor: Members of Paderborn vote against investor entry

As of: February 20, 2024 12:20 p.m

Second division club SC Paderborn will lobby the DFL for a new vote on investor entry. In addition, the association will now vote against an investor in a possible vote.

The members decided this on Monday evening at the regular general meeting, as the association announced on Monday evening.

Members of the SCP submitted a total of three proposals on the investor topic, all three were accepted. Accordingly, the association should advocate for transparent voting at a DFL general meeting, also demand a new vote and reject a possible investor entry into the DFL in a new vote. In addition, the necessary change to the DFL’s statutes for the approval of investors should also be rejected.

Paderborn has so far voted for Investor

So far, the SCP has voted for investor entry in all DFL votes. “The SCP is clearly behind the DFL’s plans,” Finance Director Ralf Huschen told the “Westfalen-Blatt” in December. Huschen (45) is also a member of the DFL supervisory board.

Fans organized a dialogue evening

In the past week there have been repeated massive protests from the SCP’s fans. The game against Holstein Kiel (0:4) was about to be canceled last Saturday because fans kept throwing tennis balls onto the field. The active fan scene drew attention to their concerns through flyers and a dialogue evening. Apparently with success. On Monday the members voted to change their association.

New vote in prospect – what it could look like Arrow on the right “Hard but fair” in the re-live: Are investors destroying football? Right arrow


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