DFL investor: Football: Martin Kind deliberately allowed the dispute to escalate

Martin Kind is unpopular with fans nationwide and even hated in Hannover 96’s own fan scene.

Photo: Photo: image/Uwe Koch

You have to give one thing to the boss of the second division team Hannover 96: Martin Kind has remained true to himself in the football world for more than two decades. What the opinionated man is currently doing with this could be heard on Monday evening in the ARD talk “Hard but Fair”: “I have a different understanding of the rules of the game.” The dispute over investor plans in the German Football League (DFL), which has been going on for months, is playing out the Lower Saxony played an inglorious leading role. When the 36 clubs voted on this, Kind is said to have acted contrary to his club’s demands: his “yes” could have been the decisive vote for investor entry.

Kind does not have to reveal his vote; the vote last December was secret. Did he violate his club’s right to issue instructions? “Even if it were, what difference would it make?” Child asked. The answer: everything! The result would be void because it would have violated the 50+1 rule. And by disclosing his voting behavior he could pacify the dispute that is escalating further in the face of nationwide fan protests.

But children always prefer to play according to their own rules. His most important: “The market laws apply in football.” Always following this attitude, he is a fighter against the 50+1 rule. And Kind, often described as the last patriarch in football, embodies the type of official who, as a successful entrepreneur, feels called upon to play a major role on the biggest sporting stage. Many of these types have failed and damaged their clubs. Also a child – because he doesn’t leave the work to the specialists like in his multi-million dollar hearing aid company, but rules alone. He has worn out countless coaches and managers at Hannover since 1997. Erkind wanted to get into the Champions League, but his club has been deeply divided for years, but his club can’t get beyond mediocrity in the second division.

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