Developing Basketball Culture: Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone’s Commitment to Fitness and Talent Development

Southeast Net, Zhangzhou, February 23 (Reporter Shen Wendong, Correspondent Ou Juanjuan, Chen Yipeng) During the Spring Festival, the first national fitness “Village BA” basketball game in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, which lasted for nearly two months, came to an end. It was the first in the history of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone The largest basketball competition event, this event has brought a new round of “basketball fever” to the Taiwanese investment zone.

It is reported that Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone has a strong basketball atmosphere. Basketball games between villages can be traced back to the 1970s and 1980s. Basketball games are an important platform for cultural exchanges among villagers. As a competitive sport, the “basketball style” of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Investment Zone has also spread to the campus, becoming a “new position” to cultivate team spirit and shape students’ physical and mental health. The representative of this is the No. 1 Middle School of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business District.

The basketball after-school service at Zhangzhou Taishang District No. 1 Middle School will start in September 2021. The current training time is from 16:50 to 18:20 from Monday to Friday. Basketball training is rich in content, based on physical fitness and body coordination, covering passing, dribbling, shooting, coordination and other skills.

Now, after years of development, Zhangzhou Taishang District No. 1 Middle School has established a basketball after-school service coaching team headed by teacher Lan Xiaoqiang. According to reports, Lan Xiaoqiang graduated from the Basketball Specialty of the Second Department of Physical Education and Training of Tianjin Institute of Physical Education and is a first-level basketball referee. He leads the team to participate in primary and secondary school students and youth basketball games in Zhangzhou City all year round, and serves as the chief referee for various basketball events in the Taiwanese Investment Zone.

In terms of curriculum setting, Zhangzhou Taishang District No. 1 Middle School fully considers the age characteristics and skill levels of students, and provides detailed guidance on students’ technical movements so that they can master basketball skills step by step. At the same time, the school also selected outstanding players from the basketball after-school service, conducted standardized training in the form of a school team, and established the “Wolf Warriors” basketball team of Taiwan Business District No. 1 Middle School. Through regular basketball competitions, students can test their skills in actual combat and cultivate their competitive mentality and team spirit.

In addition, the basketball after-school service of No. 1 Middle School in Zhangzhou Taishang District also allows some students with basketball talents to obtain opportunities for further study through individual sports recruitment. Student Lin Chenrong said that participating in this basketball team made her feel the power of unity, which further strengthened her goal of entering high school as a student with special talents.

Talking about students with basketball talents, Lan Xiaoqiang proudly said that the school actively creates opportunities for students, shares various admissions information and helps them understand admissions policies. Since 2018, the school has had 10 basketball students admitted to high school through sports recruitment.

It is understood that since the establishment of basketball after-school service training, the basketball team of Taishang District No. 1 Middle School has made great achievements. In 2022, it won the championship of the junior high school group of the Zhangzhou Middle School Three-person Basketball League. In 2023, it won the junior high school group championship of the Zhangzhou Middle School Three-person Basketball League. Champion, third runner-up in Zhangzhou primary and secondary school basketball championship and third runner-up in Zhangzhou Youth Basketball Championship.

The school coaching team also has a clear plan for the future development direction of basketball after-school services at No. 1 Middle School in Zhangzhou Taishang District. Lan Xiaoqiang said: “There are three main plans for improving quality in the future. The first is to strengthen students’ ideological work education and cultivate students’ hard-working spirit. The second is to strengthen students’ ideological guidance on sports and basketball and strengthen cultural achievements, so that students can Not only can they complete basketball healthily, but they can also complete various studies well. Thirdly, it will enhance students’ on-the-spot practical experience.”

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