DEPORTIVO ESCOTET BANKRUPTCY OF CREDITORS: Escotet sets a date for Deportivo’s exit from the Bankruptcy of Creditors: “In the middle of the year”

Deportivo continues fighting on the field for promotion to the Second Division and, in parallel, is preparing in the offices for a hypothetical return to professional football. The primary measure to return with the necessary muscle is the exit from the Bankruptcy for which the meeting approved requesting a loan from Abanca, the largest shareholder, of 17 million Stop, once you have the ok from creditorsimmediately satisfy what is owed in the initial plan from 2031 and 2047 with a 19.99% reduction, as proposed to the Court. Juan Carlos Escotet, president of Abanca, the largest shareholder with nearly 80%, sets a date for the completion of this process. “In financial matters, a huge effort was made to get it out of competition. Surely by the middle of the year that could already be a reality. It is the best route which will also allow for better performance when I return to professional football and the categories that correspond to it,” noted the owner of the credit institution in Abanca’s income statement regarding a decision that will allow him to have a better salary limit in the silver category. so as not to struggle or fight for another category jump.

Sports results

Deportivo has experienced a season of ups and downs and is perhaps in one of the peak moments of the year, as it has a string of victories and is five away from the lead with the quarry as the protagonist in its own right. Escotet appreciates this step forward after so many hardships, since Abanca’s commitment is accompanied by increasing performance on the field of play. “I only ratify the commitment from the beginning, which is to continue working on in-depth professionalization, both in the sports and financial areas. Fortunately, the sports results are beginning to accompany the fruit of the good sports management that is being done,” he assures of a plot in charge of the Director of Football, Fernando Soriano.

2024-02-05 15:22:05
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