Curry pulls off an impossible shot… from the locker room hallway (video)

By the editorial staff

Published 9 minutes ago, Updated now

Stephen Curry.

The crazy shooter from the Golden State Wrarriors once again stood out with an improbable shot.

Golden State lost 130-125 against the Los Angeles Clippers but Stephen Curry left his mark on the match. The diabolical shooter (41 points at 15/31 shooting, including 9/19 at 3 points) became the first player to plant at least 7 long-distance shots in 4 consecutive matches. Curry (28 points on average this season, is at 42.1% at 3 points).

And for the pleasure of the spectators, he landed an impossible shot as he returned to the locker room. Without tricks. Amazing.

Golden State (26 wins-26 losses) is in 10th place in the Western Conference.


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