Controversy at Rondo: Was John van ‘t Schip’s Substitution Too Early?

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John van ‘t Schip should have waited until halftime to replace Anton Gaaei, according to Youri Mulder. Mulder’s comment led to a heated discussion at the table at Rondo: tablemates Ronald de Boer and Marco van Basten do not agree with the former footballer, who is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of Schalke 04.

“You can also wait until half time. Actually, it is your fault as a coach, because you are completely destroying that boy. And it is the second time already,” said Youri Mulder on Monday evening. He was subsequently contradicted by De Boer. “It’s professional football, you get paid for it. I’ve seen enough coaches who wait until half time. Then the match is over because you’re 3-0 behind, while you could already see in the 25th minute that things were going terribly wrong.”

Actually, it’s your fault as a coach, because you’re destroying that boy

– Youri Mulder does not agree with John van ‘t Schip’s choice to replace Anton Gaaei in the match against AZ in the first half

“That match was over a long time ago,” Mulder countered. “You could immediately see that AZ was going to win that match. Aren’t they much, much stronger?” De Boer did not agree with the words of his table companion. “Nonsense, it was 1-0! Did you see Bodø/Glimt against Ajax?” the analyst was referring to the fact that Ajax survived against odds in Norway in last Thursday’s Conference League match.

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“You don’t do this again after half an hour, do you? Then don’t put him on,” Mulder continued, referring to the moment that Gaaei was taken off in the first half against Feyenoord by then coach Maurice Steijn. “You don’t know in advance that he’s going to do this, do you?” says Van Basten. “That boy is super motivated, he really goes all the way. He just makes these kinds of mistakes, the boy can’t do anything about it.”


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