Controversial Call: FC Groningen Takes the Lead Against Feyenoord Amid Penalty Controversy

FC Groningen has surprisingly taken the lead in the semi-final of the KNVB Cup, away against Feyenoord. with some luck he scored after half an hour of play, after referee Danny Makkelie did not want to hear about a penalty claim by the home team fifteen minutes earlier. However, he seemed to have cleared a cross with his arm.

After about fifteen minutes of play, the Japanese striker was sent deep by teammate Calvin Stengs. From the back line he then tried to pass back towards the goal area, but Makkelie and the video referee ruled that Rente did not prevent this with his arm but with his back.

The penalty did not come, but after half an hour of play there was the first goal of the game. Unfortunately for the Feyenoorders, it fell behind Timon Wellenreuther: Laros Duarte shot the surprising 0-1 against the ropes on behalf of the Groningen team through the leg of Thomas Beelen.

Follow the match between Feyenoord and FC Groningen live here

Feyenoord’s supporters do not agree with the interpretation of the arbitration at all, according to a large number of messages that soon appeared on X.

Should Feyenoord have received a penalty here?

72% Yes, that was clearly hands 20.9% No, from that close Rente couldn’t do anything about it 7.2% No, he gets it on his back, right?


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