Colorblind Concerns: SC Freiburg Makes Jersey Swap for Duel with VfB Stuttgart

This jersey swap is serious business!

The Baden-Württemberg duel between SC Freiburg (seventh) and VfB Stuttgart (third) on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) promises to be a hot affair. But just two days before the duel, a strange thing happened.

Because: Freiburg will change their jerseys and play in the white away jerseys instead of the red home jerseys. The reason: Because Stuttgart will play in green and Freiburg will have a player on the pitch who suffers from red-green vision deficiency, coach Christian Streich (58)’s team will forego the usual variant.

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Source: BILD February 1, 2024

“It’s just a very good idea to do it like that. “We don’t want someone to pass the ball to the opponent and they then shoot it into the goal,” says Streich about this decision.

Statistically speaking, 8 percent of all men are affected by color vision deficiency, i.e. one in twelve. The probability that there will be a player in every starting eleven who has such a weakness is therefore very high. Of course, there are also a number of spectators in the stadium and in front of the television.

“Of course this is becoming an issue again now. It’s a problem, some players have really sweated it in the last few years. I also had players in the A-youth who played the ball into the opponent’s foot several times. At some point I asked him: Is it still okay? Until he told me that he didn’t see it correctly,” reveals Streich.

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It’s actually not the first time that Freiburg has decided on such a jersey change. On the 26th matchday of the 2020/21 season, Freiburg played at home in their away jersey (then yellow) because FC Augsburg also had a green jersey.

So now it’s time to repeat. Streich wants to prevent exactly that from happening on the pitch; the first leg against the Swabians went really wrong with a 5-0 defeat. Prank: “That’s yesterday’s news. We want to play a really good game, stand up to them and really take our fans along in the derby.”

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