Colombia and Venezuela face off in thrilling AmeriCup 2025 qualifier match

The Vinotinto de las Alturas will face the Colombian national team this February 25 in their second game corresponding to the first qualifying window for the AmeriCup 2025, where they seek to repeat the good performance of last February 22 where the Creoles dominated their peers with Wide margin.

On this occasion they will play in Medellín, meaning that Colombia will have the support of its fans, so it will be a great challenge for the Venezuelan team, who will try to remain calm and make good decisions to execute the plays effectively and take the lead. victory as visitors.

Match incidents

First partial:

T- 5:05: Colombia establishes itself in the effective attack to overcome the Venezuelan defense and start the first quarter with a lot of confidence and energy

T 4:41: Venezuela’s first nine points were from Gregory Vargas.

T- 2:30: The coffee team continues to play a good game in each possession to end with the victory in the first set of the match.

The Colombians managed to establish a very different version of the first game they played against the Creoles to win the first quarter based on collective plays and good control of possessions that allowed them to break the Venezuelan defense during this stretch of the game.

The Creoles were in front of the scoreboard for a small part of the first quarter, but the good play of the Colombians, which is accompanied by the support of their fans, led Venezuela to make several errors that led them to fall in the first quarter with a result 20-14, with the obligation to improve their game in the coming times.

Second Partial:

T 7.18: David Cubillán adds three points for the Creole team that seeks to recover.

T 5:22: Colombia continues to show a good game to maintain the advantage in the match.

T 2:47: Venezuela is getting closer on the scoreboard thanks to the consecutive good offensives they have carried out.

The Creoles showed a better version in the match to put themselves 7 points ahead of the Colombians, who have shown themselves to be very efficient in this duel, which has been very different from the game they played in Venezuela.

Gregory Vargas and David Cubillán have done merit in this match, being very productive in the attack and giving the Venezuelan team a break at the end of the first half.

Third partial:

T 7:30: Colombia starts again with an excellent rhythm and this time they continue to expand the advantage against the Creoles who still do not dominate the game of their peers.

T 4:40: La Vinotinto de las Alturas got closer on the scoreboard with great attacks that allowed them to put pressure on the Colombians, who now must make adjustments to avoid losing the advantage.

T 1:29: The match continues to be close with a good game from the Venezuelan team, who managed to show a better performance in this third quarter to be on the verge of going ahead against Colombia.

T 0:38: Colombia once again moves away on the scoreboard with a great team game and strong defense that put the Venezuelan team in trouble

The Colombians managed to recover at the end of the third quarter to increase the advantage and prevent the Venezuelans from equaling or going ahead on the scoreboard. The result ended 56 to 48 in favor of Colombia.

Partial Fourth:

T 7:40: Venezuela does not give up and continues trying to turn the game around

T: 5:00: Venezuela goes ahead on the scoreboard by the slightest advantage thanks to the good executions of the players that allowed them to overcome the defense of the Colombian team.

T 4:29: La Vinotinto de las Alturas goes ahead on the scoreboard after the time requested by the Colombian team.

T 2:28: Both teams continue fighting to take the lead on the scoreboard.

T 0:55: Gregory Vargas does the same to tie the score at 64 points.

T: 0:16: Colombia goes ahead again on the scoreboard and is getting closer to victory.

End of the match: Colombia splits honors with Venezuela with a score of 67 to 64, in a very close match that the coffee team managed to dominate from the beginning.

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