Cold shower: what are the benefits?

???? We also talked about cold showers and its benefits today at the #deejaytraingcenter.

????‍⚕️According to some experts it can stimulate the immune response and is useful for training healthy longevity.

Personally it is not a practice that I use but only out of sincere laziness. Although I think a lower temperature (cool) shower could be strategic before bed when:
❇️ training took place late in the evening;
❇️ you feel the symptoms of premenopause such as hot flashes and night sweats (????).

???? In these cases it can actually help keep body temperature lower, an essential factor for good quality sleep.

It is important to proceed gradually and avoid thermal shock. To start, the suggestion is to take a hot shower and then progressively move to a colder temperature for at least 20-30″, during which it is important to take care of your breathing and avoid holding your breath, up to a maximum of approximately 2′.

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2024-02-27 08:13:26
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