Christophe Urios gets annoyed and attacks Bayonne manager Grégory Patat

Christophe Urios and Clermont lost to Bayonne. VALENTINE CHAPUIS / AFP

Three days after Clermont’s defeat in Bayonne (21-13), the Clermont manager refocused his Basque counterpart on Tuesday regarding the back Cheikh Tiberghien.

Christophe Urios was not disappointed by the face displayed by Clermont last Saturday in the Top 14 despite the defeat in Bayonne (21-13). But the Clermontois manager, known for his outspokenness, was annoyed by a statement made at the end of the match by his Bayonne counterpart Grégory Patat after the match about Cheikh Tiberghien (back re of Bayonne). The latter, author of a great match against his former teammates, received praise from his manager at the end of the meeting. “Clermont must regret letting him go.”

Words which did not please Urios, who did not fail to reframe it this Tuesday. HAS”The ASM club and I do not need to receive lessons from Patat. In a joking tone, probably, he says that surely Clermont regrets the choice of having let Tiberghien go… Me, I don’t take care of Bayonne or the management of their players so I would like that he shows humility and takes care of his players. Me, when I build a squad with the club, the most important thing is the mentality of the player, the second is what he will bring to the group and the third is his level, obviously . Avant d’ajouter : Cheikh is a good player, we saw it this weekend: he was very good but I have no doubt about that. If we didn’t keep it, it’s for very specific reasons that he knows. I have no lessons to learn from Gregory Patat and the club has none to learn from Bayonne. When they came here, I heard them less trumpeting and the subject of Cheikh was not topical… I would like everyone to take care of what is happening in their club. We have no lessons to learn from anyone! »


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