Christian Horner appeared in Bahrain while they investigate a complaint against him for “inappropriate behavior”

Red Bull had reported on February 5 that it would initiate an investigation against the head of the Austrian team, Christian Hornerdue to accusations of inappropriate behavior by a team member. Still The conclusion of the investigations is not known, but that did not prevent the Briton from being in Bahrain.

Along with the former driver was the team’s head of technology, Adrian Newey. Uncertainty reigned in the paddock because with the investigation into the director of Red Bull Racing There were rumors of a possible departure of Newey due to a possible “secret clause” that would allow him to leave the team if Horner is fired.

Both directors of Red Bull Racing They witnessed the control of your car again. Max Verstappen had the fastest lap in the first session with a time of 1 minute, 31 seconds y 344 hundredths of a second in 142 laps.

His teammate, the Mexican Czech Pérez was not part of the practices because the Dutchman did it in the two sessions there were and his teammate will do it on Thursday. “I think lap times don’t mean anything right now.”commented Czech and added that the most important for them it is to be able to complete the program and try to finish the three days of testing.

Second fastest time This Wednesday was for McLaren and the British Lando Norris with a record of 1,32,484while Spanish Carlos Sainz set the timer at 1.32.584 with his Ferrari. As for Mercedes, the only one who turned was George Russell placing 12th in 121 laps exposing the Mercedes’ lack of power.

This year The teams took the Red Bull car as a starting point in 2023who only lost one race. The Austrians decided to go a little further and their car now has a vertical air intake in its sidepods. Mercedes tried something similar in the 2022 season, but it didn’t work.

Where Mercedes failedit seems that Red Bull did it and it is reflected in the numbers. The season has not started and the Austrians and Verstappen already have a clear superiority to the rest. Bahrain’s traffic light will change from red to green on March 2 to start a new season of the highest category of motorsports.

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