Choosing the Right Badminton Racket: A Guide to Weight, Balancing, and Technology


Racket weight: 83g.

The weight of the racket is a very important fact for all badminton players. It is important to consider:

– The frequency of play, the fact of being prone to injuries, the build and, obviously, the style of play.

The heavier the racket, the greater the power. However, there is a risk of losing speed in the arm, which can be disadvantageous for defensive players in the fast and counterattacking phases of the game.


Racket balance: balance in the head (305 mm).

The balance of the badminton racket has a big impact on the game. There are three different types of balancing:
– Balance in the head, which provides power.
– Neutral balance, which provides versatility.
– The balance in the handle, which provides control.

Stem stiffness

Racket flexibility: soft.

Rackets with different flexibilities:
– Soft: flexibility suitable for players looking for easy handling and good stroke length.
– Semi-rigid: flexibility suitable for players looking for a compromise between power and maneuverability.
– Stiff: flexibility suitable for intermediate/expert players looking for power and precision.
– Very stiff: flexibility suitable for expert players, with perfect technique, looking for power.

Technology Inertia System

The 3-axis carbon fiber positioned at the end of the head increases inertia, to accelerate more quickly and thus improve the power of smashes.

High modulus carbon

The Japanese carbon fiber used for the 900 racket ranges is the stiffest on the market today. It provides incredible stability and a good repulsive effect on impact.

Ultra Slim Shaft

Thanks to the “Ultra Slim Shaft” innovation, the 0.66 cm shaft of this racket is more aerodynamic, for greater speed and power.


The frame is guaranteed for 2 years, except the rope.

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