Celta de Vigo | Mingueza: “We trust the staff to death. “We are all in this boat.”

Óscar Mingueza has called for the unity of Celticism on the eve of Barcelona’s visit to Balaídos. The exazulgrana has closed ranks around Rafa Benítez and his team of collaborators and has asked for a vote of confidence in the Madrid coach, whose dismissal is now openly requested by a large sector of the stands. “We, the players, trust the staff to death. We are all in this boat together. The fans would have to continue supporting us, they would have to be in this boat with the staff and the players,” Mingueza declared at a press conference before training held this morning in the sports city. “It is very important for everyone, for Celta, to face this situation together because it is the only way to move forward,” he warned.

The Catalan player has admitted the delicate nature of the situation and has recognized that the team has difficult weeks ahead that it needs to face together. “Until LaLiga is sentenced there will be no peace. The only way is to be all together, May the fans continue to support, that he continues to support the staff and the board and that we be together and talk things out,” he explained. “Let us tell each other what we think and then all stand up together. Whoever is playing has to show their face. “It is the only way,” he stated.

Although Celta has barely been able to add 4 victories in 24 League games, Óscar Mingueza has expressed his confidence that the team will survive with a greater margin than last season. “The classification is not as we would like, but we are going to try to do everything possible so that the end of the season is not like last year, saving us on the last day, but rather that we are calmer,” he said.

Match against a Barça in crisis?

The Barcelona footballer does not trust the crisis in Barcelona, ​​whose coach, Xavi Hernández, has announced his departure at the end of the season and who is experiencing the most complicated moment of the season, eliminated from the Cup and with very few options to fight for The league. “We have to play a very good game to be able to compete. We have to try to be together and try to make it run while they don’t have the ball. Let them suffer when they don’t have the ball and be very successful in both areas,” he observed. And he added: “We face it with great enthusiasm.” Whether they are good or worse, it is going to be a very difficult game. “It depends a lot on us, on us playing a very serious game, on being together and not having those attention errors that cost us the game there.”

Mingueza does not believe that Barcelona is thinking more about next week’s Champions League match against Naples than about the duel against Celta: “Knowing the staff and the mentality they have, they are going to come here 100% committed. They will be thinking only about this game. They are going to come to take the three points and it is our task to play the best possible game to compete until the end.”

Asked if Celta had a clear idea of ​​the game due to the multiple changes in scheme and pieces that Rafa Benítez has been making throughout the course, Mingueza believes that the team “is on the right path” and has been convinced that “with time victories will come.” “The one who has a clear idea of ​​what he wants to do is the coach. We have to do what he wants. Luckily we have worked all the systems in training. It is difficult to have a clear idea from one day to the next, but we are playing and training and our ideas are becoming clearer and it is easier for us to change from one system to another, as was seen the other day,” explained the former Barça player. “The other day we were having a hard time with five, we played with four and the team improved. That doesn’t mean that we play better with four, it depends on each game. There are games in which it has been the other way around, that playing with four we were suffering, we went to five and played much better. It depends on each party. The ideal would be for us all to be clear about what to do in each situation, in each system and that is what we are working on,” he pointed out.

From a personal point of view, Óscar Mingueza has been proud to have completed 50 games with the light blue jacket. “It is a pride to complete 50 games with Celta. The city and the team have welcomed me very well, in a very loving, very special way. “Both my family and I are very happy here in Vigo,” said the defender, who is happy with his new position in the team: “I am very comfortable in this position, I have more fun than in defense, but in the end it doesn’t matter. “I’m here to help the team, whether as a winger, midfielder, winger or whatever I wear, I’m going to try to do my best and help the team.”

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