Castres ensures against an uninspired Toulon

Le Brun, ball in hand, was one of the main architects of Castres’ success. VALENTINE CHAPUIS / AFP

Castres Olympique won on home soil against RC Toulon (25-17) this Sunday evening, at the end of the 15th day.

Castres assured. Against the RCT, the Tarnais signed their 6th victory of the season at home. Dominant and more efficient, Jeremy Davidson’s men scored three tries through Chilachava (15th), Le Brun (22nd) and Raisuqe (66th). Popelin’s boot, sharp as usual, also weighed in the balance against the uninspired and unconquering Toulonnais.

Toulon weak in mÃalée

Usually their strong point, the Rade players struggled in the scrum and were penalized 9 times in this meeting. At the same time, the Rouge et Noir did not show themselves to be incisive enough in conquering and occupying the field. Despite the attempts of Wainiqolo upon returning from the locker room (47th) and Fainga’anuku at the very end of the match (78th), the Varois let the defensive bonus slip away and saw their evening opponent pass them by in the ranking. Thanks to this success, the CO climbs to 5th place, two points ahead of the Toulon team.


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