Cantonal Champions Shine at Judo and Ju-Jitsu Club Rorschach/Goldach Tournament

February 28, 2024 – 05:37

The Judo and Ju-Jitsu Club Rorschach/Goldach had two cantonal champions in February. Michael Hitz introduces the club’s successful players here:

Cedric Bodleé (second from right) received the gold medal with his three fights. He became the 2024 cantonal champion.

Ariane Monteiro also shone in her category. As in the last tournament in Ruggell, she hadn’t given her opponent, Kyu (green belt), the slightest chance and that pleased not only her coach but also the audience, who watched the fights and applauded loudly.

Pepper (second from right) was one of the youngest participants of the Judo Ju Jitsu Club Rorschach Goldach, but unfortunately she didn’t have a chance to demonstrate her skills. Nevertheless, she approached each of her fights with a lot of confidence.

Alexandra Giger (far right) won the first two fights. She then lost the third fight against the eventual cantonal champion. So she could be very happy with the silver medal.

Despite her great desire, Julia Schmid (1st from the right) had absolutely no chance of getting anything for herself. The recovery time between each fight was too short for her. And so the couch decided; Jörg Loewenkamp to skip her third fight. She could still be proud of fourth place.

Cyrill Kostic was keen to take part in the tournament. Because he still has too little experience, he lost his three fights. So it was enough for fourth place.

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