CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol Secures Victory against Talenom Boet Mataró

Before the ball was in the air, the ideas of the Estepona team seemed clear, which came out with Oshlynn Brown and Nneka Ezeigbo in the starting quintet, trying to find interior advantages and placing physical strength at the start. Despite this, the first points came from the hands of outside players, and having two inside players who can be so superior helps close the defenses and leave space for shots. Thus, Marina Gea and Conchi Satorre took the opportunity to start adding easily (3-10, min. 4), although Emma Barceló – who could not play in Estepona due to injury – was not willing to leave the marathon team without options. The former Sant Adriôs player added the first eight points for her team and a basket by former CAB Lucía Méndez brought them closer to 10-12. The first points from Júlia Rueda and Ezeigbo then arrived, to give them an advantage (10-17, min. 7), but more than three minutes without seeing a goal allowed the locals to reach the match at the end of the first ten minutes: 15 -17.

It took several minutes in the second quarter for the rotation to fall into place, giving Talenom Boet Mataró the opportunity to equalize the score (20-20, min. 14) before some of the team’s best minutes came. A 0-15 partial score from all positions that only Nairín de la Torre could cut short before half-time although, in the last play, Brown added again for his side, leaving the maximum so far at half-time. : 22-37.

The CAB Estepona Jardin de la Costa del Sol tried to break it at the start in the third period, but the points and the play generated by Barceló made the locals hold out for a first challenge. And then, Kris Raksanyi took the rifle from him. Two triples in a row from the Hungarian forward opened the gap a little more and forced the defense not to close so much, then giving way to points from Brown, Conchi Satorre and an accurate Marina Gea. Eusebi Millán’s scoreline reflected 29-53 when Enric Cervera was forced to call a timeout with 2’46” left to end the quarter. He stopped the score after the Catalan coach’s minute, but his team could barely finish. add two points before the horn sounded.

The game, with a 22-point difference, seemed ready for a decision. Or so the CAB Estepona Jardin de la Costa del Sol players must have thought, as they completely relaxed and put a very good job behind for many minutes. Talenom Boet Mataró wanted to believe and with a partial 11-1 start he sought to get back into the match. Francis Tomé sought the reaction of his team based on changes and came with the help of Gea and Ezeigbo, with two assists from the Grenadine for the Nigerian interior (42-58, min. 36). He wanted it for Cervera, but the visitors had picked up cruising speed again: Gea, Satorre, Aleksandra Parzenksa, Brown. The difference was once again over twenty (45-66) with three minutes remaining. Now, the match was closed and all we had to do was wait for the final score. A 52-73 victory for the Estepona team that represents the third away from Pineda and continues in sixth position in the qualifying table.

Talenom Boet Mataró 52
(15-7-9-21): García (4), Barceló (17), Vila (3), Méndez (4) and Ruano (4) -starting five-, De la Torre (4), Magriñ Á (0), Coll (8), Soler (8) and Álvarez (0).

CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol 73 (17-20-16-20): Gea (15), Satorre (9), Raksanyi (11), Brown (9) and Ezeigbo (6) -starting five-, Parzenska (7), Viruel (10), Masià ¡ (0), González (0), Benet (3) and Rueda (3).

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