Burgundy-Franche-Comté Archery Championship: Mâcon Youth Stand Out

Details Publication: Tuesday February 13, 2024 11:22

This weekend of February 10 and 11, the Burgundy-Franche-Comté youth category championship (U13 to U18) took place in Auxonne.

Five young archers from Mâcon were qualified for this championship:

– Gauthier Vargas category U15 H recurve bow; ranked 13th after losing his duel against the 2nd in the ranking shot.

– Erine Corsin, participates in her first championship. Ranking score below his training abilities (but that’s what a championship is, a source of stress which is not always positive) loses his duel 6/ is ranked 7th.

– Louis Monin finds himself facing a Mâconnais in the first round of duel and loses 1/7.

– Joulaibibe Daouadji-Charbonneau eliminates his club companion in the first round, wins his quarter-final in the shoot-off and loses in the semi-final with a close score 4/6 on a final end of 29/28. In the small final, the punch was blunted, he left 3rd place to his opponent in a shoot-off (he scored an 8 and the opponent a 9!) and finished at the foot of the podium for the chocolate medal.

– Adrien Loiselet present despite a week of flu, made a good ranking shot and despite a moment of health difficulty during the match which let him miss access to the final, made a good small final shot to rank 3rd .

The club congratulates its archers for their fighting spirit and invites them to continue their efforts which will allow them to reach the podium.

Erine on the shooting range

Louis and Joulaibibe in a duel

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