Building Relationships Through Judo: The Continued Partnership between Pesaro Judo Club and Marconi Scientific High School

The partnership between the Pesaro Judo Club and the Marconi Scientific High School continues. For several years now the sports section of the Scientific High School of Pesaro has established an active collaboration with the Judo Club Pesaro, a historic city sports club, the first club founded in the Marche region way back in 1951 when Maestro Zaga, born Ezechiele Romagnoli, icon of Pesaro sports , first brought martial arts to our city. This year too the program was long and fruitful.

All the first and second classes of the sports section climbed onto the tatami where the Masters Vittorio Lanari and Maurizio Tonelli, respectively president and vice-president of the club, demonstrated techniques standing and on the ground, the possible combinations and counterattacks, as well as a first approach to personal defense, along the lines of the Global Self-Defense Method, MGA, the federal method that is taught by the Masters at the Dojo in via Pietro Gai.

There were hours of intense work, 12 mornings, which involved around a hundred girls and boys, who, armed with great will and enthusiasm, faced projections, holds and levers, with great satisfaction of both students and teachers. At the end of the course written and practical tests under the watchful eyes of the respective professors and teachers, all of which were brilliantly passed. A truly successful initiative, in the name of sport and the healthy principles that animate it. Thanks to the students, the professors and the high school presidency who together believe and support this beautiful project, and also to the teachers who have made their athleticism available for the exercises, demonstrating the effectiveness and beauty of this wonderful sport which he has a lot to say and teach not only on the tatami.


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