Bucciano Shines as Capital of Karate in Well-Attended Competition

Bucciano, capital of karate. Although only for a few hours. The local Sports Hall, a modern and efficient reference for indoor sports, hosted a complex and well-attended event that took place on Sunday morning.

Traditional Fudokan karate, in particular, was the protagonist of the beautiful competition organized by the IFKA Asd of the Florentine Master Romano 7 dan. The Bucciano infrastructure was the setting for the “Traditional Karate Contest 2024” with the involvement of around 150 athletes from karate schools directed by the Roman Master not only in our territory, but also in Sicily and Tuscany.

A great demonstration of skill by all the athletes trained by the Masters Giardina, Venuto and Palagi and by Rosa Romano and Antonio Lombardi, Nicola Ciotta and Alina Zet who have in Romano a reference for his seriousness and self-sacrifice.

The competition was also welcomed by the students of the masters Ferrara and Ciardullo who honored the tatami with their presence. The promoters expressed thanks to the municipal administration led by Mayor Pasquale Matera and to all the councilors “who allowed this event to take place and who with their presence demonstrated their belief in the value of this noble discipline which teaches so much to all those who come closer to his world”.

“It was truly a beautiful event – ​​observed city councilor Giusy De Blasio – which allowed us to appreciate many young people from various parts of the Campania region, Sicily and Tuscany. It was a moment of great sporting spectacle but also of socialization and discussion. The performance of Pasquale Ruggiero (first in his category), our fellow citizen and athlete of the IFKA team of Montesarchio, was beautiful.

As was the case recently with the friendly volleyball match, the value of our sports infrastructures and in the specific case of the sports hall gives us the possibility of hosting various sports events which represent a precious window on the various competitive practices and at the same time a commercial for our kids. Thanks to the municipal administration who preceded us and who convinced in this investment in sport.

A direction that we share and that we will carry forward. Once again, in addition to the athletes – she concluded – it was our Bucciano who won!”

2024-02-27 08:21:46
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