Borussia Dortmund Left Frustrated After Controversial Penalty Decision in 1-1 Draw

Clear words after the questionable whistle.

Borussia Dortmund draw 1-1 at Eindhoven in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. After Malen took the lead in the 14th minute, a controversial penalty decision ensured the equalizer.

In the 54th minute, the BVB defender initially played the ball in his own penalty area, but then also hit Eindhoven’s Tillman. Referee Jovanovic whistles for a penalty and the VAR also confirms the decision. De Jong then converted to make the final score 1-1.

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After the game, expert Matthias Sammer (56) rages at “Amazon Prime”. The 1996 European champion has been an advisor to the Ruhrpott club since April 2018 and complains about the decision.

Sammer: “A referee has to decide for football. He must consult the rules when making clear decisions. But this decision does not justify a penalty in the knockout competition in the sense of football.”

And further: “Independent of Borussia Dortmund, independent of Leipzig, independent of other constellations. Plus the fact: this is a sport that is very physical and also very robust. This includes contact situations.”

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Source: BILD20.02.2024

Sammer complains: “Too many bad decisions against German teams! I appeal to us to have more personality in the committees internationally, to name things more clearly, to stand up to people again and not put up with it.”

Hummels had also previously commented on the decision. The DFB defender: “Zero percent penalties. I slide in, I clearly play the ball first, then catch it just a little bit. We’re in football, so, sorry. Zero percent penalties.”

The 1:1 is still a reasonable result for BVB. At the home second leg on March 13th there is the chance of the first premier class quarter-final since 2021.

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