Boris Diaw’s Confession: Never Scoring with His Left Hand

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

Very popular at Spurs since his time, Boris Diaw remains a very popular face in the NBA today. When looking back on his career in Texas, the Frenchman made a strange revelation.

Highly appreciated following his time with the Spurs, Boris Diaw is always welcome in Texas. He will also be close to Victor Wembanyama during the upcoming Olympic Games, he who was in San Antonio very recently. Better ? The Frenchman put on a chasuble for a few moments to face other players.

Boris Diaw’s confession about his career at Spurs

Recently guest in a podcast, Diaw returned to his adventure with Spurs. He wasn’t the team’s best scorer, but he knew how to get by with his right hand. For the other, however, it was a little more complicated. Boris even goes so far as to reveal that he has never put a basket with his left hand.

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Boris Diaw : “I don’t think I’ve ever scored a basket with my left hand. Not that I remember. I know with Spurs it’s not the case, you can check with Chip England. Because he counted all the baskets with the wrong hand. At the end of the week he made a ranking and I was always last, always with 0. Once he put a “1”, but I don’t think it was a basket, it was more of a tip in.

But I don’t count that. And if I don’t count that one, I don’t think I’ve ever scored with the left hand in my career. I was able to drive left side, but I finished with the right hand. »

Proof that Diaw was not comfortable with the left hand, but above all that he was always able to find an angle to finish with his strong side. We can say that it is frankly impressive.

Boris Diaw’s basketball IQ was top tier

Boris Diaw has never scored with his left hand, which may be surprising given his immense career. Something tells us Jaylen Brown must admire the feat.

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