Boris Becker’s Son Amadeus Turns 14: Fans Notice Striking Resemblance

On the occasion of his son’s 14th birthday, Boris Becker shared a few photos with him. Fans noticed a clear similarity.

Tennis legend Boris Becker has four children. He and his first wife Barbara Becker have two sons, Noah and Elias. Daughter Anna comes from the affair with Angela Ermakova. The marriage to Lilly Becker also produced his youngest child, son Amadeus. While his older three children are now in the spotlight themselves, Amadeus is kept out of the public eye whenever possible. Now Boris Becker made an exception – and surprised his fans.

Amadeus Becker turned 14 on February 10th. To mark the occasion, his father posted a series of photos on Instagram capturing the birthday weekend with his son. Boris and Amadeus Becker can be seen arm in arm with cake, in the museum, in front of the Milan Cathedral and even in a wind tunnel. To see all photos, you must click to the right on the Instagram post.

What is particularly noticeable is that the 14-year-old has grown quite a bit. In one of the pictures, father and son are almost the same height. The two also look quite similar in other ways, which many followers also notice.

“Little Boris and the big one”

“Becker genes!”, “Little Boris and the big one,” or “He looks like you,” some users marveled in the comment column of the post. Someone else describes Amadeus Becker as his father’s “twin”.

Many other users share this opinion: “Amadeus is the spitting image of you,” agrees one person. “How big did Amadeus get? Quickly and the kids are grown up,” wrote someone else on the post.

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