Bologna-Fiorentina: Valentine’s Day? At the stadium!

The recovery of the twenty-first matchday sees Bologna and Fiorentina facing each other. The match had been postponed due to the commitment of the visiting team called to participate in the Italian Super Cup, in its new version with four teams held in Saudi Arabia, with numerous controversies and no less mortifying genuflections to the now omnipresent God of money.

It will be played on Wednesday 14 February, Valentine’s Day. The League opts for a time that is not extremely prohibitive – 7pm – but there are quite a few traffic problems for the many fans intending to reach the “Dall’Ara”. Very important match on the pitch for Bologna, who with a victory could maintain an important position in the European cup zone with a privileged view of the dream Champions League.

The attendance of the public was good, amounting to just over twenty-six thousand people. The home team started very strongly, encouraging the team with several chants and reserving many others against the visiting fans. When there was little left to go until the end of the match, with Bologna leading 2-0 and just waiting for the referee’s final whistle, a banner slowly appears from the center of the curve which reads “ON S. VALENTINO, KICK THE FLORENTINE’S ASS”. He will remain exposed for several minutes even after the end of the match, accompanied by two torches, while the team goes around the pitch to receive the applause of the Bologna public. The speaker launches a song by Lucio Dalla and an intermittent play of lights is played, just to follow a trend that has now pervaded almost all the squares of the top division of our championship. It would have been more exciting to hear the hearts of the fans beating but that’s it.

However, the presence of guests is good and is around two thousand units. Of note are the many patches and two-pole banners, while several choir throwers lead the purple cheer, together with the drums that dictate the tempo. The scarves are also of notable workmanship, attracting excellent participation. They also light some smoke bombs which cover the view of their sector for a few minutes.

A match that is never banal, the one between these two teams: the “Apennine derby”, in terms of fans, hardly disappoints expectations. Even more so in a year like this, which sees the rossoblù team fighting for the Europe that counts. And that is making an entire city dream.

Luigi Bisio

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