Boca today vs Sarmiento: what time they play, where to watch live and formations | Date 2 League Cup 2024

Today, Thursday from 7 p.m., Boca will face Sarmiento de Junín at the Nuevo Gasometro for date 2 of group B of the 2024 League Cup. Where to watch the match live online and on TV, the probable formations of Diego Martínez and Sergio Rondina and the history between Xeneize and Verde. Why do they play on the San Lorenzo field?

Both Boca and Sarmiento have just tied on the first date of the League Cup. Xeneize tied 0-0 against Platense in Vicente López, while Verde obtained the same result against Tigre in Victoria.

Where to watch Boca vs Sarmiento live online and on TV

The match will be televised by TNT Sports, an exclusive channel for Football Pack subscribers. Those who are subscribers can tune in to the television signal through streaming platforms such as DGO, Flow and Telecentro Play, among others.

The probable formations of Boca and Sarmiento

Mouth: Sergio Rosemary; Luis Advincula, Christian Lema, Nicholas Figal, Frank Fabra; Luca Langoni, William Pol Fernandez, Jorman Campuzano, Kevin Zenon; Michael Merentiel and Edinson Cavani. DT: Diego Martinez.

Vine: Ferdinand Monetti; Elijah Lopez, Diego Calcaterra, John Manuel Insaurralde, Gabriel Diaz; Jose Mauri, Ferdinand Godoy, Alfred Yellow; Sergio Surgery; Augustin Fontana or Lysandro Lopez and Ivan Morales. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Boca vs Sarmiento referees

Referee: Sebastián ZuninoAssistant 1: Ezequiel BrailovskyAssistant 2: José CastelliFourth referee: Pablo GiménezVAR: Héctor PalettaAVAR: Diego Verlotta

Why does Boca play at home against Sarmiento on the San Lorenzo field?

The December elections in which Juan Román Riquelme and Jorge Amor Ameal won over Andrés Ibarra and Mauricio Macri were delayed due to unfounded judicial complaints from the opposition formula.

As the tents in which members voted were set up on the lawn of La Bombonera, the two-week delay caused enormous damage to the playing field. The times did not allow it to be in good condition and that is why Boca will play as a home team on the San Lorenzo field.

History Boca vs Sarmiento

Boca and Sarmiento faced each other only 9 times, with 8 wins for Xeneize and one for Verde. The last time they met was in La Bombonera on date 22 of the 2023 Professional League, when the Ribera club won 2-0.

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