Belgrano Defeated by Godoy Cruz: The Struggling “B” Fails to Find its Footing

Belgrano does not lift. This Saturday, they lost at home against Godoy Cruz de Mendoza, for the fourth date of Zone B of the 2024 Cup and League. Badaloni scored the only goal of the match, for Tomba, which maintains its remarkable performance (fourth win in a row ). El Celeste tried and had their opportunities, but found a confident Petroli in the Cuyo goal.

“B” has not won so far in 2024 and has just been eliminated from the Argentine Cup. Of the last 11 official games, they won one, drew two and, with tonight’s game, lost eight.

The Pirate tried until the end, but could not breach the Mendoza fence. He is at the bottom of the table, with Tigre, with one point each.

The summary of Belgrano TV 0-Godoy Cruz 1

The chronic

The match began with Belgrano seeking prominence. And, quickly, it generated an action that generated controversy, Passerini fell in the area, after being taken by a Godoy Cruz defender. Herrera did not hesitate, he told the forward to get up and the VAR did not call the referee.

At 9 minutes, a very good action by Celeste. Reyna opened for Passerini to appear on the left. The forward paused and looked for the middle, where González Metili entered. His shot went near the right post of the Cuyans.

But at 14 came the first response from Nicolás Fernández, who finished from outside the area and was met with a tremendous response from Losada.

At 23, Barinaga climbed from the right and threw a cross that Passerini did not reach. García appeared at the far post, but “Caco”’s left foot shot went wide.

At the end of the first half, goalkeeper Petroli came out to control a cross, but he did so with his knee up. He hit Facundo Quignon, who had to be replaced due to the blow.


After three minutes, Belgrano had the clearest chance. After a corner rebounded, Delgado hit him from outside the area and demanded Petroli, who had a notable response.

Belgrano tries, but at times he is exposed to the counter. This is how Longo showed off, to avoid a complicated situation.

At 13, a Passerini header met Petroli’s volley.

And at 15 Tomba reached the bottom and Badaloni made it 1-0.

Belgrano fans began to get impatient and demand more from their players. And the Pirate went at 27. Great action by González Metili who scored a pass-goal for Passerini. The forward scored crosswise, against the goalkeeper’s foot, but the ball hit the post and went out.

At 49, Rébola had his chance, but collided with Petroli again. And at 52 Passerini missed it in an incredible way. It was 1-0 for Tomba.

The formations

The previous

Surprisingly, a match on the fourth round of the championship becomes a key match in the immediate future of the senior team. This occurs due to the direct interference of the results and especially due to the way in which Guillermo Farré’s team has played.

When the season was getting underway, the coach himself talked about fighting in the championships to achieve a ticket to the Libertadores 2025 and surprisingly, of the five paths that Farré marked for that goal, one was already ruled out (the Argentine Cup) and in The League Cup has added one point out of nine possible points.

The poor functioning of the team, which has not achieved good performances since the beginning of the year and has not managed to win a game (not even in friendlies) has put “stones” in the path of the coach who today is no less than questioned.

The coach himself assured after losing to the Primera Nacional team in Junín that “we have to get to Saturday well (for today) and with the obligation and need again to win the three points because, if not, it will become a complex situation and the structure will begin to be compromised as well.”

It is not the first time that the coach is in an extreme situation, because after losing to Estudiantes de La Plata 4 to 0 at the end of the Professional League tournament last year, his continuity was questioned, then came a goalless draw with Central and the end of the championship. The squad was rebuilt and the League Cup gave it air.

But now, of the last 10 official matches that Farré directed (six last year and four this year), the team won one (against Unión 4 to 1), tied two and lost seven, which is not something of these days, also because the base is the same as last year and practically played most of the games with the players who were in 2023.

In the match this Saturday night they must face a team from Mendoza that arrives with three victories in the same number of games, with a fast and fast playing system, but fortunately for the Pirate, Hernán López Muñoz, the skilled midfielder, will not be there. who is injured.

Variants and modifications are coming in the 11 to end a streak that started last year and that does not stop at this time. The “B” wants to smile and give some oxygen to his coach who is under the scrutiny of criticism.


Belgrano: Nahuel Losada; Juan Barinaga, Alexander Rebola, Nicholas Meriano and Rafael Delgado; James Long and Facundo Quignon; Ulises Sanchez, Matthias Garcia and Bryan Reyna; Lucas Passerini. DT: William Farrell.

Godoy Cruz: Franco Petroli; Lucas Arce, Pier Barrios, Federico Rasmussen and Thomas Galdames; Nicolás Fernández, Bruno Leyes, Tomás Pozzo and Juan Bautista Cejas; Tomás Conechny and Tomás Badaloni. DT: Daniel Oldrá.

  • Time: 21.30.
  • TV: TNT Sports.
  • Stadium: Julio Villagra.
  • Referee: Darío Herrera.



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