Barcelona’s Rising Star Lamine Yamal Gains Muscle and Strength for Elite Performance

Lamine Yamal continues to grow by leaps and bounds. And not only does his figure grow as a player of the present and future of the Barçagiven that he has earned ownership in the Barça team with just 16 years. He is also growing on a physical level, something vital to being able to establish himself in the elite of professional football.

The clearest proof of this growth is that Lamine Yamal has won, since the beginning of the current season, 7 kilograms of muscle mass. In the images from when the season began to the current one, the physical change can be seen. The conclusion is that the forward of Mataró He is stronger, more done. Those 7 kilos of muscle mass are due to the physical growth that he has experienced since this campaign began and, also, because thanks to a strength plan that the club applied to him has reduced to a minimum the body fat that he had and has gained significant muscle.

Lamine Yamal, official image of Adidas from this Monday


As MD reported, Lamine Yamal A tailored physical plan was made for him at the beginning of the season with the aim of making him a stronger and more powerful player. Of course, it was a plan adapted to his situation as a footballer who is still in the growth phase. Specifically, it was a specific plan to work on the concept of force in order to adapt to their new circumstances. And these are the greatest demands of the schedule and the enormous increase in the strength of the rivals they face and the speed of the game. It cannot be forgotten that Lamine Yamaldue to age, he should be facing top-class footballers youth.

Lamine Yamal, more muscular every day


The force work of Lamine Yamal It is adapted to his age in terms of workload and weight, although he has the same exercises and skills as his older colleagues. The striker is doing the same frequency but taking into account his chronological age (16 years and seven months), given that he is still in a state of growth and development of his bones, muscles and organs with the added factor of a demand for soccer First division and in a ‘big’ one like the Barça with all that this implies on an emotional and stress level, also with a possible impact on the response of the muscles.

Lamine Yamal, on the beach with a fan at the beginning of the current season


The strength plan that was prescribed was intended to strengthen the lower and upper body and is bearing fruit. Now the youth player goes into clashes with his rivals forcefully and they don’t throw him to the ground at the first attempt, but he resists contacts well. He is also able to sustain the efforts. The best proof of him is that he deploys in attack with a lot of danger and then also withdraws in defense without problems. He has also gained ball-striking power. TO Pedri A strength plan was also made for him and in his case the fruits have also been evident in his physique since he looks much more muscular.

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It has not only grown Lamine Yamal on a muscular level but has also done so in height. So far this season it has grown two and a half centimetersand it is expected that it can grow another centimeter, so that at the end of its growth stage it can reach 1.80 meters.

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