Badminton Astures Dominates in National League of First Silver Clubs, Holding Second Place

Badminton Astures continues in second position in the classification of the National League of First Silver Clubs after achieving a full victory on the second day of competition. The team from Gijón has formed a fairly powerful team to try to fight for promotion and the beginnings of the competition are promising. Badminton Astures traveled last weekend to Huelva and ended all their matches played with victory: 5-2 against CIDE, 6-1 against Burgos and 4-3 against IES La Orden B. These results allow the Asturians to place themselves in promotion positions to Primera Oro, with two victories ahead of their pursuers. Astures stood out for its combinative variety in both singles and doubles. Coach David Gómez lined up Sarita Patel, Marta Sousa, María González and Aitana Martínez for the women’s side; Rodrigo Sanjurjo, Jai Chandarana, Bruno Carvalho, José Manuel Suárez and Alejandro Valdés for the men’s part. In this second round the debut this season of Aitana, Bruno and José Manuel took place, who contributed their first victories for the team. The Extremaduran town of Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres) will host the next matchday on March 23 and 24, where Astures will face Almería, Maó and Palma. | J.J.

2024-02-27 03:01:58
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