ATHLETIC – GIRONA | Mistakes sentence a struggling Girona (3-2)

Los the beginningthose who mark tragedies o triumphs. Sometimes history has its twists and turns, its comings and goings, and it doesn’t always start on the best foot or end up winning the battle. How it happened to Girona in San Mamés (3-2), that he gave away beyond his means.

The clock had not reached the second minute of the game when Alex Garcia, close to the touchline, tried to return the ball to Arnau positioned as a center back. The pass, completely horizontal, however, fell short and Alex Berenguer he picked it up as if that ball were for him. The winger, from the balcony of the area, got rid of the young Catalan defender in a flash, placed the ball on his left foot and sent it unceremoniously toward the goal. Gazzaniga He tried, he stretched until he was a few centimeters from the post, but the ball was smarter and faster, and it went ahead of him. When he crossed the goal line, Michel he cursed himself. From the stands, like at the Bernabéu, the script was repeated again.


He both stunned Gironawho saw how in a few minutes Iñaki Williams He only had it at the height of the penalty spot. The forward lost the ball, which he rebounded before time and he didn’t see the goal by centimeters. Esa ball exit that left all of Spain stunned against Athletic he vanished. Míchel’s team made more mistakes than usual, he dirty that brilliance that was rooted in a perfect conception of the playing field and its occupants. Some flash of danger Yangel Herrera o Savinho It allowed a Girona that was overwhelmed to breathe.

But, like any good story, it needs a script twist that turns a simple story into a feat (or a nightmare). Viktor Tsygankov hit back at Athletic In the second half. From victim to executioner. The clock, again, did not count the second minute of play when Tsygankov ran across the width of the field celebrating the bullseye that restored equality on the scoreboard. He put his foot just enough on a ball that was served by Ivan Martinwho, after another attempt, centered a low ball that gave the Girona people their breath back.

Berenguer double

He Girona He felt comfortable again, he tried to create and build to consolidate the moments of calm before going back to herding. However the Athletic He took advantage of it before. Again, Berenguer finished, this time from inside the area, to sign his double at home in front of a stadium filled to the brim. The defense of the red and white team suffered again, lacking forcefulness after a poor positioning.

The Catalan team He didn’t even have time to react. In the next danger action, Iñaki Williams took advantage of the visitors’ umpteenth defensive failure to beat Gazzaniga, that there was little he could do in the face of that very powerful shot. He Williams’ older brother He kissed his shield after running down the sideline enjoying a target that cruelly put him in the middle of a Girona team that was falling apart by the minute.

The set of Michel tried to compensate by pulling character. Eric Garcia He finished off a foul with his head and beat Unai Simón, that one could see from a distance how the tranquility was disappearing and a few minutes of exchanges of blows were upon them. Girona was not going to give up, that is not in their DNA. They tried it actively and passively, from the corner and with bizarre plays. Despite the ups and downs, the marker no longer moved and errors in defense ended up dooming a Girona team that revived in the second half.

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