Asturian Champions Crowned at Junior Regional Judo Competition

Women’s podium in the -48 kilos category with Leire González at the top. | FASJYDA

The Junior Regional held at the Corredoria Arena in Oviedo exhibited a good level. The competition produced the following Asturian champions: Hugo González (-60 kilos), from Judo La Calzada; Lucas Tamargo (-66), from Judo Noreña Berrón; Álvaro Iglesias (-73), from Takeda; Iván González (-81), from Judo Avilés); Iyán Álvarez (-90), from Cedelan; Osmel Sánchez (-100), from Cedelan, and Diego Menéndez (+100), from Lena. In the female category, Leire González (-48), from Óscar Fernández, won; Nayara Cuervo (-52), from Senshi; Claudia Lora (-57), from Judo Sanfer; Carlota Álvarez (-63), from Judo La Calzada; Aitana García (-70), from Senshi, and Covadonga Fernández (-78), from Noreña Berrón.

2024-02-07 03:04:45
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