Argenton Badminton Club Dominates Blois 6-2

Argenton 6
Blois 2

Training within the Argenton badminton club is an important playing field. Saturday, at the opening of the eighth day of the N3 championship, the Argentinian club honored its fifteen medalists from the league championships and the teams before the match against Blois.

Furthermore, in the ranks of the first team, youth is in power and, very quickly, whether it is Maxance Liraud, Lily Rose Triolier, Clara Raffin or Valentin Crochet-Moulin all were welcomed and tamed by the oldest including the champion Xavier-Guillaume Valledor. Maxance Liraud, between two matches, says: “I arrived at the Argenton club in 2019, I came from Ardentes where I played for three years. It was thanks to my neighbor who introduced me to a session and I was hooked straight away. I wanted to progress and, by coming to Argenton, with the quality of the training, it was beneficial for me. »

High goals for Liraud

At 15, Maxance and Lily Rose Triolier joined the Creps de Bourges youth team. Saturday, Maxance largely contributed to Argentina’s victory with two matches won: one in singles, the other in doubles with Xavier-Guillaume Valledor. Lily Rose, for her part, lost in the singles but brought home a point in the doubles with Maelle Calvagnac.

Maxance Liraud recognizes his perseverance, always wanting to progress as quickly as possible, but also his lack of concentration on certain matches. “This season, we are ready for the climb but we are going to set objectives for next season. On an individual level, I will do everything to return to the France pole or to the French team. » Maxance has it under his belt and his motivation is an additional asset for the Bad Argentonnais.

The victory of his teammates, with panache, is punctuated by the mixed doubles Valledor/Raffin; while the other mixed pair, Calvagnac/Crochet-Moulin, lost by two sets to one against the Blésois. But, regardless, Argenton triumphed at home 6-2 to climb back up and find themselves at the top of the table.

Men’s singles: Liraud wins Bauet (17-21, 21-15, 21-17), Crochet-Moulin wins Santabodia (21-16, 21-13).
Women’s singles: Triolier loses Prokopovych (18-21,19-21), Raffin wins Phongsavath (21-8, 21-13).
Women’s doubles: Triolier/Calvagnac win Phongsavath/Vieillescazes (21-12, 21-19).
Men’s doubles: Valledor/Liraud win Bizien/Santadobia (21-13, 21-15).
Mixed doubles: Valledor/Raffin win Bauet/Vieillecazes (21-16, 21-19), Calvagnac/Crochet-Moulin lose Bizien/Prokopovych (10-21, 21-16, 14-21).

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