Argentine player Edwin Cerrillo details rough encounter with Messi during match against Inter Miami

The LA Galaxy player who argued with Messi gave details of the rough crossing

Lionel Messi was decisive for Inter Miami to rescue a draw on the hour in the match against LA Galaxy for the second round of Major League Soccer. After a great combination with Jordi Alba, La Pulga declared a 1-1 tie in injury time.

Previously, the Argentine captain and his team had shown very little at the Dignity Health Sports Park. However, one action was the one that caught all the flashes: the rough encounter he had with the North American with Mexican roots, Edwin Cerrillo.

“First I was surprised that he was talking to me, so the first thing he said to me I didn’t understand, nor did it register. He was serious and at that moment I knew that I needed to be calm because he was early in the game,” the 23-year-old player revealed.

The first short circuit was between Lucho Suárez and Cerrillo, push goes, push comes. Seeing his friend involved in the situation, Lionel Messi and the Argentine team got involved. To avoid being captured by the cameras, he approached and, covering his mouth, spoke a few words to his opponent, who did not seem to be intimidated.

Lionel Messi and Edwin Cerrillo discuss during the last match between Inter Miami and LA Galaxy for the MLS (AP Photo/Kyusung Gong)

“He knows what he’s doing and maybe he wanted to get into my head. And like with anyone, he wasn’t going to keep me quiet. And when Suárez and Busquets came to defend him… Well, he is pretty, but he is part of football and at that moment was when he had to be calm. What was said is going to stay with me, it is something that I will always have in my mind and that is what I will keep,” Edwin Cerrillo closed the issue.

In these seconds of dialogue, Messi covered his lips with his hand and spoke to him; while the 23-year-old American with a past at FC Dallas nodded his head, as if giving little value to what he heard. They came face to face, face to face, but then they were separated and the action continued.

The former Barcelona and PSG player was constantly followed closely by Cerrillo and company during the 90 minutes and, except for some appearances to kick on goal or set up his teammates, he was not able to participate much in the game. Some infractions generated the anger of Leo, who rescued a tie on the hour so that his team reached 4 points in 2 games.

Messi’s goal for Inter Miami’s tie

However, the point obtained allowed Inter Miami to remain undefeated and be the provisional leader of Zone A. This was highlighted by coach Tata Martino, who also rescued the “genius of Leo” Messi to achieve the tie. The Rosario coach, 61 years old, recognized the personality of Inter Miami “to continue searching” and thus find the tie in the 92nd minute. Martino avoided commenting on the performance of the Italian referee Gabriel Ciampi, questioned by the Galaxy leadership for his performance at the Dignity Health Sports stadium located in the town of Carson. “I don’t have much to say about the referee,” he said.

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