America Goes Public on Mexican Stock Exchange to Finance FIFA Requirements

There is no deadline that is not met: the America finally comes out today to be listed on the Mexican stock exchangenext to Aztec stadium and two other businesses Televisa, the editorial and the casinos, with a great reason: to finance the remodeling of the Coloso de Santa Úrsula to meet the requirements of FIFA.

Almost like his father did for him 70’s World Cup when selling boxes and stalls, Emilio Azcarraga Jean He found a way to monetize through América and Azteca, now part of the Ollamani company.

This is the result of the decision of these Televisa businesses to appear on the stock exchange boards starting today and thus attract capital for the remodeling that has not yet begun, of course, without losing control of these companies.

To protect themselves, they tell me that Azcárraga and Televisa will make shares with corporate and economic rights available to the current investors of the media conglomerate, who have preferential rights to acquire them; Thus, for the general public there will only be series with economic value, not management, that is, they will not participate in the company’s decisions, but they will receive profits or losses.

The experts believe that it is a great move by the boss of América and that buying these shares will have a good return, even for those of us who are experts in this, so they recommend giving it a try. At least I will.


There was an assembly of the Expansion League Em Ex, of the owners with the directors of Doña Fede headed by La Bomba Rodríguez and Mikel Arriolaand although the official statement referred to data that paints the circuit as one of the best in the world, I do tell you what was really interesting that came out of the meeting.

The relevant thing is that they have already confirmed that now he will suffer transformation the Expansionsince it will no longer be just the clubs that make it up today to finally incorporate the Under 23 categories of the Liga MX teams. A very strange hybrid that they claim is starts in the summer. Let’s see, said the blind man.

And it is also key that they gave the starting signal for the club certification for the 24-25 season, to see if now the four come together to finally open the door of the ascend. The outlook looks like this: those that will seek certification are seven clubs, led by the Atlas (which intends to endorse it), they go Morelia, Mineros, UdeG and Venadosof which only from Zacatecas They have a great chance of achieving it, the rest, pray.

And it is possible that Cancún and Celaya will join in, who were only waiting for yesterday’s talk to decide whether they would launch their papers. Of those who would be entitled and who receive a subsidy, they are ruled out Roadrunners, Cimarrones and Alebrijeswho don’t even have anywhere to drop dead, because their management is poor.


They told me that the majority of the Expansión owners just bowed their heads to accept the conditions that La Bomba and Mikel established for the season that will start in the summer. Except one, who questioned the structure: Jeff Luhnow​, the owner of Cancúnwho also has a team in the Second of Spain and compared it to the impossibility experienced in the Expansion to ascend.

He launched a “and what are these changes really about?”, when refuting the changes in the League now with youth teams included, and then hinted that it was easier to buy a team in Liga Meme ask for the price. What a complex situation to revive the lower division.


Wow, we have seen enough episodes in this tournament to make a novel: from the claim of Alonso al Piojo in it Sports City Stadiumeven this weekend like this one Gago to the Mazatlán coaching staff due to the frustration of Chivas’ agonizing draw, or even the Ditta’s claim to Gato Ortiz, who was cruel to the Cruz Azul defender in the report to give him three suspension punishments. Episodes worthy of a sports documentary series Netflix.

Well, what can I tell you, my Doña Fede ear tells me that there are already contacts with the people who produced the series of the series that catapulted world interest in the Formula 1the sensational ‘Drive to Survive’which went into the kitchen to learn about the most intimate and interesting narrative of the rivalry between the teams and the key characters of the most important motorsport championship in history.

A gem that tells us about the disputes behind the competition on the track and that raised the significance of F1.

Well, nothing is clear yet, but they are looking to close a production that also increases interest in our Liga MX. Let’s see if they can do it, it would be sensational with so much soap opera material that exists in this daily pambol of ours.


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